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Ways To Treat Common Skin Problems In Summer

By: Debdatta Mazumder

The demand for fans, air coolers and air conditioners is going upwards in summer. But, what are you doing for your skin?

Sometimes, summer takes havoc on your skin by resulting in summer acne, skin rashes, allergies, itching, etc. With some simple ways to treat common skin problems in summer, you can keep these problems at bay.

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During summer, only using sunscreen is not enough to avoid skin problems. Besides, you are not only exposed to the sun-rays, but also to dust and pollution.

All these elements only make your skin condition worse. Besides, kids are more prone to skin problems during summer. They don’t often follow the simple tips to take care of skin problems in summer.

Summer is the time when a simple acne can transform into serious lumps or bumps on your skin.

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If you follow the effective ways to treat common skin problems in summer from the beginning, you can keep those problems away from you and your family.

You must have seen the advertisements of the prickly heat powder for summer with cooling effects. Those help a bit, but here are several other simple tips to take care of your skin problems in summer. Have a look.


1. Wear Cotton Fabrics:

It is one of the best ways to treat common skin problems in summer. Your skin needs to breathe well in summer. Synthetic fabrics can cause heat rashes, as these types of fabrics don't let go of the body heat. Wear cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and make you feel fresh.


2. Don’t Scratch Your Skin:

Yes, prickly heat is one of the most common problems in summer. And children are more prone to it. Let them not scratch their skin repeatedly. Avoid hot shower and tight clothes. You can compress an ice pack on those parts to get relief.


3. Take A Shower:

While looking for simple tips to take care of your skin problems in summer, you can't avoid this one. Sweaty skin is a peril of summer and it can cause skin rashes and itching. Taking a shower for 2-3 times in summer is perfect to avoid skin rashes.


4. Don’t Spend Much Time In AC:

The chilled air of the AC is very soothing in a hot summer afternoon. But, do you know that this air is one of the main reasons of making your skin dry and causing dry skin and an allergic reaction? Hence, try to avoid spending too much time in AC rooms.


5. Use Natural Remedies:

The market-available powders and ointments are full of chemicals. If you're having skin bumps and other skin-itching problems, try to use natural remedies instead. Coconut oil or apple cider vinegar is an effective natural way to treat skin problems in summer.


6. Take Good Care Of Your Feet:

Your foot is the most negligible part of your body. Pamper your feet with a scrubber and wear colourful flip-flops instead of enclosed shoes. Thus, there will be no fungus attack in between your fingers due to sweat.


7. Avoid Oily Foods:

Oily foods only aggravate the problems of acne and pimples. Besides, if your skin is too oily, you can suffer from blackheads. Dump your habit of having oily, junk foods and concentrate more on vegetables and fruits during summer.


8. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

The ways to treat skin problems in summer include this one as the most important. The more you drink water, the better your body will flush out the toxins and keep your skin revitalised. You can also drink homemade fruit smoothies. But, avoid caffeinated and sugary beverages.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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