Ways To Eat Healthy Before Diwali

By: Debdatta Mazumder

If Diwali is synonymous to crackers and light, it is also the festival of mouth-watering dishes, especially sweets. On Diwali, you can forget about diet and fall in love with Kaju katlis, Badam burfis, Chocolate and coconut laddoos and the list will go on and on. With Diwali approaching near, you must have almost said good-bye to your diet.

But, is it really good for you? Yes, you have every right to enjoy the festival, but if you know the true meaning of 'moderation', the one-day celebration won't be a problem later.

On Diwali, people have fried foods, chocolates, caramelized nuts and fruits, etc. All these foods are high in calories. So, when festive season is approaching, you can prepare for it steadily.

Be strict on maintaining diet a few days before the celebration. If you start having calorie-based food one week prior to Diwali, it will make you only put on weight after the festival.

Not only that, too much fried foods can make you exhausted and ruin your enjoyment. Your ultimate objective is to have more and more fun on the festival.

Have a look at how to stay healthy for Diwali by these ways to eat right.


1. Have Low-Fat Foods:

Use low-fat milk to make kheer on Diwali. Yes, the taste will be different than full-fat milk, but you have to think of your health first, right? Also, try to use sugar supplements instead of sugar and jaggery.


2. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

This is a standing advice. Not only before the festival, but you should have water repeatedly on the day. Water keeps your stomach full for some time and you won't feel like having more and more food as well. Also, water will help flush out the toxins from your body.


3. Use Less Oil:

When you consume oil occasionally, you tend to go for more. If you prepare foods in less oil, you can have different types of foods without thinking much about calories. Try to bake or grill foods instead of frying it.


4. Avoid Alcohol:

Festival means gathering and that is equal to a drinking party. On Diwali, you may not avoid it completely, but don't start it beforehand. Also, you can go for red wine, as it is not high on alcohol content as whiskey or other drinks.


5. Have Nuts:

Diwali shopping definitely consists of dry fruits. Buy plenty of almonds, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, hazelnuts and whatever you like. Nuts are a good source of protein and also keep you energetic for long, which is very important on festivals.


6. Have Small Portions:

Whether on Diwali or before Diwali, stuffing your stomach with lots of food is not done. You can have small portions of food, like just one laddoo in the evening or a small chunk of chocolate. These will not harm you much.


7. Include Fruits:

There is nothing better than fruits to keep you full. Make apple and pomegranate salad and have it at mid-day. Having fibre will keep you full for long and give you relief from sudden hunger pangs.


8. Know What You Eat:

Finally, it is very important to keep in mind during a festival that you should know what you're eating. If you know this and the quantity that you should include, you can decide on how many calories to burn.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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