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Tips For Indians To Prevent Diabetes

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Prevention is a lot better than curing a medical condition. The same applies to diabetes. The problem with our lifestyle is that it has an unhealthy side to it.

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We are inviting many diseases and conditions like diabetes too with our habits. Skipping your breakfast, eating a heavy lunch, munching a pizza too often, not eating raw vegetables, partying till late, not getting enough sleep, drinking too many soft drinks and smoking etc are all habits that shock you one day.

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And the problem with the current Indian urban lifestyle is that, we don't have enough time to exercise, but we eat a lot of rice and roti only to sit in office till evening. Even if diabetes isn't in a person's genetics, the scope of suffering type 2 diabetes increases with a bad lifestyle. Therefore, let us look at certain simple steps to take.


Go For 60:20:20

Currently your food contains 80% of carbs and 20% of the rest of the nutrients. Try to change it a bit. Get only 60% of carbs, 20% of proteins and 20% of fat. Also, match your calories to your activity levels.


Instead Of Rice....

Refined grains are unhealthy. But unfortunately, white rice is the staple diet for Indians. Instead of that, choose brown rice and brown bread to prevent diabetes.


Avoid All Sugary Foods

Indians eat a lot of sweets and when festivals arrive, controlling taste buds could get difficult. But to prevent diabetes, it is good to reduce eating sugary stuff and also avoid the products that contain artificial sweeteners.


Avoid Sitting For Too Long

We are used to sit and work for the entire day in the cubicle but this habit can kill us soon. Obesity can cause several other issues. So, to prevent diabetes, choose physical activity and keep body fat levels to a minimum.


Portion Size

A big meal quickly spikes up your blood sugar levels. So, consuming small meals every few hours can help.


Get Enough Fibre

Leafy vegetables, beans, sprouts, pulses and peas are healthy. The fibre content in them keeps you full and also helps digestion. Also fibre rich vegetables keep your sugar levels stable.



The reasons why pulses should be added to your diet is because they don't spike your blood sugar as much as the carb-rich foods.



The best thing about milk is that it contains both proteins and carbohydrates. Two cups of milk in the whole day may help in managing your sugar levels.


Preventive Measures

Soak a few almonds in water overnight and eat them the next day. Drinking the water in which methi seeds are soaked could also help. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to tomato juice and drink it in the morning. Such simple steps may help in preventing diabetes.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 13:06 [IST]
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