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This Mixture Works Like Cough Syrup!

Do you know that a simple mixture of ingredients like pineapple juice, honey, salt and pepper can deal with persistent cough and sore throat?

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This drink can help you get rid of the mucus issues in your lungs. In fact, the regular cough syrups available in the market could be addictive and may also cause drowsiness when you consume them in excess quantities.

But this natural mixture relieves you of many cough related problems without causing any side effects even if you consume it daily.

But wait a minute. Don't add sugar to the pineapple juice as that would kill the healing benefits. Also, don't use artificial juices that contain preservatives and sweeteners. Just plain raw pineapple from the organic store will do.

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How to prepare: Cut a pineapple and place the pieces in the juicer. Add a small piece of ginger. Juice a lemon and add it. Finally, sprinkle some cayenne pepper and add a spoon of honey. Juice up the mixture and consume 10 teaspoons a day.

Now, let us know what pineapple can do.


Fact #1

An enzyme in pineapple known as Bromelain is said to combat bacterial infections in your body. Yes, pineapple is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory too.


Fact #2

Most of the syrups available in the market do come with toxins but natural pineapple juice is devoid of such elements.


Fact #3

Many sources claim that the juice of pineapple is anti-inflammatory and is many times more efficient than a regular cough syrup.


Fact #4

Pineapple can cure respiratory issues well. Just drink half a glass of pineapple juice a day and you would be getting your daily required levels of C-vitamin.


Fact #5

Pineapple can also energise you and pace up your metabolism as it contains C-Vitamin in it.


Fact #6

It is a good remedy for sore throat too. Mucus causes coughing, sneezing and makes it tough to breathe too. Just drink this juice to get rid of that mucus.


Fact #7

This juice is also good for your joints and bones. It has manganese in it. Your body will be able to absorb calcium well when you supply manganese. Drink this juice to prevent arthritis.

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