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World Health Day: Simple Steps To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Without lungs, we can't breathe and without breathing, we can't survive. What do the lungs do? Well, they get the oxygen into your system from your surroundings.

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They also release carbon dioxide. All the cells in your body need oxygen in order to function. And yes, your lungs never take an off just like your heart. They are constantly working to keep you alive.

Most of the time when dust and microbes try to enter your system through air, your lungs do their best to protect your body. But if you seldom help your lungs, gradually they become weak.

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Certain lung issues like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, COPD and lung cancer can make your life difficult.

In order to ensure that your lungs perform well, you can take certain small steps. Here are they:


Never Surround Yourself With Smokers

Yes, passive smoking is enough to kill your lungs. It is better to stay away from the smokers at least in the smoking zone.


Never Even Try To Smoke

Smoking is an addiction which never leaves anyone easily. So, never even entertain the idea to try smoking.


Vehicular Pollution

Wear a mask while driving to avoid breathing the fumes left by other vehicles around.


Industrial Pollution

If your house is located near a factory that always leaves smoke, try to shift to an area which is filled with trees.


Try Breathing Exercises

Even if you hate meditation, try breathing exercises as they keep your lungs helathy.


Be Physically Active

It is good to go for a jog to challenge your lungs sometimes. They enhance your lung capacity.


Indoor Plants

Some indoor plants cleanse the air inside your home. They also make your home look beautiful. Visit the nearest plant nursery to bring home some plants.

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