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This Potent Mixture Cures Acid Reflux

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After having a heavy meal, if you try to lie down or sleep, you may experience acid reflux. When the digestive acids are disturbed, you may experience heartburn or acid reflux.

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But there's a natural remedy to prevent this condition. You just need coconut milk, turmeric and ginger to try this remedy that enhances digestion and prevents acid reflux.

Take 2 cups of coconut milk, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of ginger powder and a pinch of pepper powder and mix them well. Heat the mixture on medium or low flame and bring it to boil. Once it is boiled, add a few drops of honey and drink it like you drink tea.

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It is healthy, tasty and also aids digestion. Do this before going to bed to avoid acid reflux and interrupted sleep.

Now, let us know about the other benefits of consuming this mixture.


Benefit #1

As this mixture is anti-inflammatory in nature, you can also prevent or reduce pain due to arthritis.


Benefit #2

This mixture can also enhances your blood circulation as it thins the blood.

Caution: If you are under medication for circulatory issues, then consult a doctor before consuming this mixture.


Benefit #3

This mixture also detoxifies your liver and enhances its function. It also prevents the formation of gallstones.


Benefit #4

Coconut contains anti-microbial properties. So, digestive issues that are caused by bacteria will be cured with this mixture.


Benefit #5

If you are sick, then your fever and pain will be minimised as this mixture helps you recover faster.


Benefit #6

Honey contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and certain enzymes that help digestion.


Benefit #7

It also soothes your digestive system and also prevents the formation of ulcers.


Benefit #8

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can prevent stomach ulcers and also ease certain digestive issues.

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