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This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis

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What's sinusitis? Well, it is a kind of inflammation that occurs in the tissues around your sinuses. Generally, these sinuses contain air in them. When fluids block them, germs and microorganisms breed and result in an infection.

This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis

What blocks the sinus? Well, certain allergies, cold and certain types of growths that occur inside those tissues and so on.

This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis2

What happens when you experience a sinus attack? You tend to feel pain either between your eyes or forehead. Sometimes, your face may feel the pain and nasal congestion also occurs.

This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis3

There are several types of this disorder. It could be acute, chronic, recurrent or sub-acute. The acute sinusitis could trouble a person for nearly a month. The chronic type may last for a couple of months and the recurrent type implies multiple sinus attacks quite often.

It is very important to consult a doctor in case of nasal congestion or sinusitis. If you wish to try a home remedy, then here is one.

This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis4

Firstly, avoid processed foods, sugar and dairy products. And then, you need a carrot to start of with this remedy.

Take a slice of ginger, a green apple, two oranges and two carrots and juice all the ingredients together. Consume the juice once or twice a day regularly.

This Juice Can Treat Sinusitis5

Also, add a pinch of salt to a cup of water and drink it before sleep. Try this remedy for a few days and see if your nasal congestion improves.

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