This Diwali, Follow These 5 Steps To Stay Healthy

By: Shubham Ghosh

Diwali is not only a festival of lights and firecrackers but also about foods. It is the time when families gather and there is no dearth of tasty dishes and foods, especially sweets and snacks.

Avoiding them becomes near to impossible, but at the same time, ingredients like sugar, ghee and white flour also make for a potential threat to our health. The binge-eating and irregular intake of food can make it worse after the festival.

So, it is always wise to be cautious from the very beginning, so that the festival remains a happy occasion from all angles.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate the best-ever Diwali of your life without compromising on your health:

Steps To Stay Healthy This Diwali

1. Make Sweets And Snacks At Home: Yes, this is a far better option than to consume outside sweets made of artificial sweeteners, as they will harm you with extra calories and high sugar level. Prepare sweets and snacks using natural sweeteners and healthy oil at home. Dates, jaggery, figs, honey, skimmed milk and herb will do your health a favour. Preparing these desserts for a lot of people will be time-consuming no doubt, but you will ensure your family a good health.

Steps To Stay Healthy This Diwali

2. Gifts Too Must Be Healthy: Just like preparing healthy snacks and sweets at home, encourage exchange of healthy eatables as gifts. Pick low-calorie sweets and snacks instead of sweets made from ghee. Dry fruits are also a good option, as they provide necessary minerals like potassium, magnesium and zinc. Once you begin the practice, your friends and near ones will also reciprocate and your Diwali will soon turn healthy.

Steps To Stay Healthy This Diwali

3. No Preservatives Or Artificial Colours Please: Go for natural ingredients and not artificial colours that make the Diwali sweets unhealthy. Sweets with silver coating are not good, since they contain aluminium which can adversely affect your system.

Steps To Stay Healthy This Diwali

4. Bake The Snacks Instead Of Frying Them: Snacks are mostly fried, even those made at home contain a high level of oil. Why not treat this Diwali as a game-changer and opt for baked snacks that will have low fat and calorie content?

Steps To Stay Healthy This Diwali

5. Drink Enough Water: No matter how busy you are with the candles, fireworks and guests at your home, never forget to maintain your water intake level. Low water level in your body will hinder the process of absorption of other macronutrients in the body. Never replace plain water with aerated drinks or sugary beverages either. Have lime water, buttermilk, pure fresh fruit juice, etc. Also, share the same with your family members and guests.

These, along with precautions while bursting crackers, especially when it comes to kids, will make this Diwali the best-ever you've had in your life.

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