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10 Tips On How To Stay Healthy At Work

According to an interesting study, an average human spends about 23 per cent of his/her working hours in offices.

Needless to say, what we do during these working hours affects our overall health greatly. It is important to include 1-2 hours of exercise on a daily basis to de-stress and remain healthy.

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Working 8-hours in a day, sitting in a cubicle in a highly competitive atmosphere, can take a toll on your health. But with our smart advice, you can dodge this yorker.

By following these health tips, you can stay healthy at your work place and also avoid the occurrences of several diseases.

From body strain to the extra kilos, if you aren’t careful, the unhealthy health practices at work can drain you both physically and mentally.

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It is essential to keep a tab on the intake of food that you consume during your working hours, as your body is at rest and does not burn calories at a faster pace.

Here are ten tips to keep yourself healthy while at work and effectively keep various lifestyle ailments at bay.


Hydrate Yourself Well

Hydrating yourself well during work hours is good for your overall health and productivity, and we cannot stress on this enough. Drinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses in a day and including fruits rich in water content such as watermelon and grapes is a good step towards hydrating your body. If you are too forgetful to abide by this rule, we would suggest keeping a filled bottle on your desk and keep alarm at regular intervals to remind yourself.


Healthy Lunch

A great way to stay healthy at work is to maintain a diet that is light, healthy and packed with lots of proteins. When at work, try including a wholesome meal for your lunchtime box. Pack a meal of soups, salads or veggies in your lunch for energy throughout the day. Psst... it also keeps the extra kilos at bay that may arise out of munching on junk food.


Take A Break

Yes, you heard it right. It may seem impossible to plug out and take a break on a busy day, but taking some minutes out is good for your health. Take some minutes out every day to regroup yourself and soak in some sunshine. Meditating quietly on your desk is a great option too to keep your inner Buddha alive amidst the chaos.


Limit Your Cuppa Coffee

While some swear by their coffee to keep them going throughout the day, it makes sense to limit your caffeine intake. Try to keep your coffee intake to one cup a day. Reducing sugar or cream in your coffee can be a good option to keep those pesky calories in check.


Never Skip On Your Breakfast

A good breakfast can provide you all the energy that you need to sail through the day. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning is a good way to maintain a healthy demeanour.


Stand More

Studies have shown that it is much better to stand than sit. It helps to burn your calorie and keeps you fitter. So, take every opportunity to stand often than sitting for long at your desk.


Avoid The Temptation

We understand it is quite difficult to avoid those sugary snacks and chocolates that seem to be everywhere in the office. But a great way to cut down on calorie and avoid sugary lows and highs is to replace it with some healthy snacks such as dried fruits, fruits and salads instead.


Keep Your Cubicle Clean

It is said that an average work-station has much more bacteria than a toilet seat. We spend a large portion of our time enclosed in these cubicles, so it makes all the more sense to keep the work-station clean. Keep a box of sanitizing wipes and sprays at your desk to keep your desk clean.


De-stress Yourself

It is important to de-stress yourself and take a vacation every now and then to keep yourself inspired and going at work. This is the most important tip in keeping yourself healthy during work.


Keep A Tab On Your After-work Drink

After-hour drinks are a great way to know your colleagues better, but they also increase the empty calorie intake. Do yourself a favour by being mindful of after-work drinks.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 10, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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