Why Work Is Good For Your Health

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Do you hate Mondays? Do you love weekends? Do you think that life would be more beautiful if every day is a Sunday? You are mistaken!

If you have been thinking that your job is robbing you of your health, think again. Health experts say that working hard is good for your health. Being in a job affects your health both on a physical and mental level. Being in a job offers healthy social life and status too both of which are very important for your health.

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In a recent survey that was conducted on 1000 employees and 1000 jobless but rich people, researchers found out that people who engaged in an occupation are happier than those who had money but didn't do anything.

There is another interesting fact here. Employees who stop working due to health conditions tend to find more satisfaction and faster recovery after returning to work.

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Health experts say that Mondays don't need to be dreaded anymore as going to work is good for health. Also, researchers were surprised when they compared the health of two groups of old men.

One group consisted of retired men whereas the other consisted of old men who continued to work. The study says that working men reported better physical and mental health. Now, let us discuss about the benefits of hardwork.


Hardwork Releases Feel-Good Chemicals

Do you know why you tend to feel good after a hard day's work? Health experts say that work gives a natural high. Even when man was a cave man, his happiness was linked with the hunting activity.


Minimises Addictions

A recent survey claims that people with addictions tend to smoke more or drink more during the weekends but not during the weekdays.

Firstly, workplaces never allow drinking alcohol and secondly, when work gives the kick, one doesn't need addictive substances to get the kick.


Deadlines Are Healthy...How?

When deadlines push you, your brain tends to secrete certain chemicals in order to prepare your whole system for a challenge.

During this process adrenaline gets released, your heart rate gets increased, your lungs get more oxygen, and your whole body tends to become more energetic. After this stage, both endorphins and serotonin get released to keep you feel good after you finish the task. This is nature's way of rewarding you.


Healthy Social Life

We all know that loneliness or lack of social life could fuel depression. When you work somewhere, you will have better social interactions and your sense of belonging to a new family gets enhanced. You will never feel lonely and this impacts your health in a positive way.


Your Brain Becomes Sharper

Many studies have already proved that brain power goes down the drain when you don't use it. As your day job stimulates and challenges your brain, your cognitive faculties stay healthy when you keep yourself occupied.


Bonding With Colleagues Boosts Dopamine

Whether you sit and gossip or simply bond with your colleagues, it boosts feel good chemicals like dopamine. That is why being in a workplace makes you feel good.


Controls Cravings

A study claims that....when you don't get the buzz or the rush that work gives you, you tend to find the kick elsewhere...like sugary foods or other substances that give you a temporary high.


Prolongs Your Lifespan

Many medical studies proved that occupied people and working people live longer than inactive people who never engage in any activity either physical or mental.

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