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Symptoms Of Down Syndrome

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What is Down syndrome? Well, it's a genetic disorder. The person suffering from it may experience intellectual disability, delay in physical growth and also certain changes in facial features. Also, the person may behave like a child even after crossing childhood.

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In most of the cases, this disorder may occur by chance even when the parents don't suffer any such disorder. Estimates suggest that one out of a thousand babies may suffer this disorder.

In fact, sometimes, this disorder can be determined during the pregnancy itself. As there isn't any cure for this disorder, in some countries doctors are allowed to terminate the pregnancy when the disorder is identified during that stage.

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But that is not the only solution as doctors recommend care and attention to children who suffer this syndrome. Improving the quality of their lives is possible when parents are ready to provide care.

Now, let us know more about Down syndrome.



Some of the physical symptoms include large tongue, small mouth, poor muscle development, tiny chin, sleep apnea, short neck, abnormal joint movements etc.


Neurological Issues

Mild intellectual disability or low IQ is one main symptom of this syndrome. After crossing 30, the IQ levels may suffer more and the intellectual disability may cause loss of speech in some cases.


Hearing Issues

In most of the cases both vision disorders and hearing issues aren't uncommon.


Heart Problems

Heart problems are common in people suffering from Down syndrome. Some of them may face them early in life whereas some may develop certain types of heart issues as they age.



The risk of suffering certain types of cancers could be higher among those suffering from Down syndrome. The risk could be higher for testicular cancer and leukemia.


Dental Issues

Down syndrome may also raise the risk of several dental issues like teeth loss, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and certain types of oral yeast infections.


Digestive Issues

One common digestive issue faced by people suffering from down syndrome is constipation. The risk of other digestive issues like acid reflux is also high.

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