Summer Means Marigold! Best Benefits Of This Vibrant Flower

By: Niharika Choudhary
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I love Marigolds!

Its almost summer, many gardens and pots in the balconies are going to bloom with bright yellow-orange hues of marigold. Can't wait for its scintillating aroma to fill the air.

Don't you think marigolds add a cheerful milieu everywhere? These bright and vibrant flowers are perennial in nature. They can be widely cultivated in farms and can also be grown in your backyards or balconies.

These serenading bundles of goodness don't just add a nice charm to your garden, but they are also store houses of major health benefits.

Marigolds are known to be great pain relievers. They help in healing wounds. Marigold tea helps fight ulcers. The juice of a marigold flower and leaves of it also act as a good insect spray.

Did you know that Pot marigold is also called "Poor Man's Saffron," and can be used as a substitute for the more expensive saffron? It is also used as a natural dye for foods.

So, here we are listing out some of the health benefits of this magnificent flower you can put to use the next time.


It Can Be Used As An Antibiotic

Marigold flower is a great antibiotic agent, it can be used into ointments that can be used to treat skin wounds, all kinds of rashes, sores and even Athlete's feet.

They are also a great source of flavonoids that can help prevent several diseases.

Marigolds also speed up the healing process, as they accelerate the regrowth of blood vessels in the skin.


They Have Reservoirs Of Antioxidants And Anti-inflammatory Agents

The anti-inflammatory agents in marigold help fight against eczema and other allergic reactions on the skin. They are also rich in antioxidants present in the form of vitamin C, which helps to curb strokes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Marigold is rich in antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene and these help in curing certain eye diseases, cataracts and blindness.


Keeps The Skin Young

If consumed regularly, marigold flower tea helps to combat the free radicals, thus slowing the skin ageing process. Marigold also treats oily skin, acne and other skin disorders. Its juice also helps in treating warts. Marigold juice also helps in reducing dandruff.


It Is Also Said To Prevent Cancer And Ulcers

The lycopene pigment found in marigold prevents cancer and is very important for monitoring prostate health. If consumed regularly, marigold tea also decreases and limits the growth of cancer cells. Marigold tea also soothes diarrhoea, stomach aches, cramps and heals gastric ulcers.


Vaginal Infections

The anti-inflammatory agents in marigold also help treat vaginal infections and inflammation. Marigold tea is said to be effective in treating such infections and thereby offers a great benefit to health.


Excellent Eye Soother And Pain Reliever

Marigold infusion can be used as an antiseptic eyewash. The juice also helps in soothing earaches and inflammations and works great on nose scabs too.


Insect Spray

The pungent smell of marigold helps in driving the mosquitoes away. You can boil the flowers and leaves and make a natural pest-control spray for garden insects.

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