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Steps To Prevent A Stroke

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Even if you don't have stroke in your family history, you are not completely immune to it. In some cases, even age is a factor that might increase the chances of suffering stroke. And of course, if it is in your genetics then the chances obviously increase.

But then health experts say that you can control the chances of suffering stroke by taking a few steps. When you know certain aspects of your lifestyle could increase your chances of suffering stroke then you can always work on them.

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Some of the symptoms of stroke include vision loss, numbness in the face, tingling sensation, severe headache and more.

Many women ignore these symptoms. In fact, it is better to listen to your body's signals so that you can take quick action to save yourself form various risks.


Step #1

Smoking can be a risk factor as it clots your blood and also causes buildup of plaque in your arteries. You might need to quit smoking if you wish to reduce your stoke risk.


Step #2

Too much of alcohol might increase your risk though moderate levels of consumption is said to lower your risk. A glass of wine a day could be okay but anything more than that would ruin you health again.


Step #3

Ensure that your blood sugar levels stay in control. High sugar levels may damage your blood vessels.


Step #4

Clots in arteries could be dangerous. Gradually, when the clots spread to the brain, stroke may occur. Take cardiovascular health seriously.


Step #5

Exercise can also prevent stroke apart from helping you lose weight and lowering your BP. Workout moderately at least 5 days a week.


Step #6

Obesity increases the risk of stroke. If you are overweight, every pound you lose reduces your risk of stroke.


Step #7

High BP is one of the factors that could raise the risk of stroke. Ensure that your BP remains stable.

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