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Signs Of High Acid Levels In Your Body

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What's meant by body being acidic? Well, it just means that the acid levels in your body are too high. Where do these acids reside? Well, in your body fluids like blood and urine.

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When those acids are neutralized and brought back to ideal levels by increasing alkalinity, your body tends to stay healthy.

What's the problem if the acid levels increase? Well, it causes many health issues. Acidity is generally measured with a pH value. If the pH value of your blood falls below 7, it could mean that your body is becoming acidic.

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Today, our lifestyles are taking us closer to acid accumulation. Now, how to determine whether your body has accumulated acids? Here are some simple signs. If you find any of them, try to drink more water and start your day with fresh lemon juice. Also, contact a doctor and get yourself tested.


Bones Become Fragile

When acid levels exceed, your body tries to neutralise them; how can it do so? Well, by using certain minerals from other areas like your bones. So, the calcium in your bones will be used and this would make the bones weaker.


You'll Feel Tired All The Time

The microorganisms in your body will breed and develop strength as acidic environment is favourable for them. This will tire the immune system and that makes you feel tired all the time.


Weight Gains

When acid levels are in excess, it reflects on your body weight. Your kidneys and colon will struggle to get rid of the acids and when they fail, your fat tissues will accumulate the acid levels.


Your Skin Becomes Pale

Yes, acidic levels may also cause certain skin issues and the quality of your skin goes for a toss. Acne and rashes become a common occurrence as your body tries to get rid of the toxins through your skin too.



Your body tends to become restless during sleep when it is overly acidic. Lack of quality sleep may further make you tired and weak.


Teeth Problems

Even the calcium levels in your teeth will go for a toss when your body is acidic. Also, acidic foods may harm your teeth. So, your dental health goes for a toss when too much of acid buildup occurs in your body.


Body Pains

When acid levels exceed, your muscles tend to constrict and this deprives them from enough oxygen and that causes muscle pains too.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 9, 2016, 11:02 [IST]
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