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Signs That Indicate You Should See A Doctor

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There are certain conditions related to our health that we do not take very seriously. When we get fever or stomach pain or certain other aches and pain, the general tendency is to pop a pill. However, when these symptoms become persistent, we should see a doctor. Let us discuss the signs of certain health symptoms that should make you run to a doctor.

There are certain times when without any effort, you start to lose weight. When you lose about ten percent of your body weight over a period of six months without any effort, you should understand that there is something to be concerned about. It can be due to diabetes, liver disease, cancer, the body's inability to absorb nutrients, hyperthyroidism and depression.

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signs you should see a doctor

When you get fever and it lasts for a long period of time, you should understand that the body is trying to fight an infection related to the urinary tract or due to tuberculosis. This does not signal anything serious. However, if the temperature goes above 103 F or if the fever has been there for more than three days, it is a cause of concern.

signs you should see a doctor

When you do strenuous exercises, are extremely overweight, are at a high altitude or being exposed to high temperatures, you can suffer from shortness of breath. Other than these, if you suffer from shortness of breath, it means you have a medical problem. The causes can be heart and lung diseases.

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signs you should see a doctor

If you suddenly see that your bowel habits have changed, it is a cause of concern. It can signal a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. If you have continuous constipation or loose motions, black, tarry or bloody stools and unexplained bowel movements, make sure to see a doctor.

signs you should see a doctor
signs you should see a doctor

If you feel full all the time, even after eating less or not eating at all, it is time you saw the doctor. This feeling is often accompanied by bloating, vomiting, weight loss and nausea. Causes could be acid reflux, peptic ulcers or even pancreatic cancer.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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