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National Doctor's Day: Is It Important To Have A Family Doctor?

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I don't have any health problem, so why do I need a family doctor? The moment a discussion on family doctor comes up, this is the first thought that comes to our mind.

But, what if there is an emergency situation at night and suddenly your kid finds difficulty in breathing? Where do you go hunting for a good doctor at that time?

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Health is something which we cannot predict. Preparing oneself for such unforeseen situations is a must. It is highly essential to have one family doctor who can be available all the time.

There are very few people in our country who believe that it is necessary to have one family doctor. Only those handful of people in the urban settings realise the importance, go forward and take the advice of their family doctor first.

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However, in the Western countries, the thought is slightly different. They are quite aware of the necessity of having a family doctor and take it on a priority basis.

On this National Doctor's Day, Boldsky highlights on how important and necessary it is to have a family doctor. Have a look.


1. In Case Of An Emergency At Night:

All of a sudden around midnight you get a severe chest pain, you are all alone at home and you do not know what to do. During such time of an emergency if you have a family doctor, it helps. You just need to make one call for help.


2. Knows The Health History Of The Person:

When a doctor knows the health history of a person, it gets easier to provide the treatment. The doctor would know about what each member of the family is allergic to and related health issues that they have. This would help better the treatment process and get the primary treatment at the earliest.


3. A Doctor For All Age Groups:

Instead of going to different doctors for different age groups who are specialised in a particular disease, if you have one family doctor, he/she would be knowing the health details of every member and it is easy to call the doctor and ask whenever any family member falls sick, instead of just rushing to the hospital and waiting in queue.


4. Can Prevent Problems Even Before They Occur:

Generally, we see a doctor only in case of an emergency or if we have any health issue. In such emergency cases, no doctors would discuss about any preventive health care. It is only the family doctors whom you are close to and can discuss about the preventive health care steps to prevent any health issue before it even occurs.


5. A Trusted Health Advisor:

With the sprawling number of hospitals and doctors, it is very difficult to bring in the trust factor when it comes to one's health. Hence, a family doctor would only be the one trusted and reliable advisor when it comes to giving a good advice regarding health.


6. Feel Comfortable Discussing Personal Health Issues:

Many a times, when we go to a doctor, we avoid discussing our personal issues and keep it short. But, if you have a family doctor, you would feel more comfortable in discussing about your personal health issue at length.


7. Not Just Physical, Helpful In Terms Of Mental & Emotional:

Along with providing physical care, family doctors have proved to be helpful in providing a very good mental and emotional support at the time when family members need it the most.

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Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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