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Watch out for These Signs: You Could Have Heart Trouble Down the Road

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Heart issue is a generic term used for a wide variety of ailments distressing the heart. Surveys have proved that it is the main reason of death in countries like the US, England, Canada, India, etc.

Chest discomfort might be caused due to several reasons. It is also a leading symptom of coronary disease. It should never be ignored as being unimportant.

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symptoms of heart disease

Angina might be described as an unpleasant, burning, twisting or painful feeling in the chest. It is a serious condition and is a symptom of coronary disease. Ensure that you consult a physician if your chest feels heavy.

Loss of consciousness or syncope is again among the most common signs of heart trouble. Syncope may indicate a dangerous cardiac trouble. A cardiac syncope might lead to sudden death of the sufferer.

symptoms of heart disease

Despite the fact that individuals faint due to numerous reasons like stress, weakness and the like, but still, it may also indicate a graver problem, like a heart trouble.

Fatigue is also among the numerous familiar signs of coronary disease. Fatigue or lethargy is simply the inability of the body to carry on working at typical levels. While fatigue and lethargy might be symptoms of coronary disease, these signs may also mean minute disorders. The best way to learn is by consulting a physician promptly.

symptoms of heart disease

Difficulty in breathing is a symptom of cardiac condition. These victims wake up abruptly during the night with an issue in breathing properly. Several types of heart diseases like coronary artery disease, pericardial disease or cardiac arrhythmias might lead to this problem.

symptoms of heart disease

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There are various symptoms of a heart failure like cough that produces white mucous, sudden fat gain, dizziness, abnormal swelling within the body, abnormal heart beats, sickness, palpitation and the like.

symptoms of heart disease

Remember, heart failure signs might not always be linked to how feeble your heart is. It is possible that you can have several of those problems, but your heart function can be only meekly weakened.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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