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7 Shocking Effects Air Conditioning Can Have On Your Health!

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Do you work in an air conditioned office and feel lucky for not having to deal with the heat outside?

Do you feel like you need an AC at your home too? If yes, then may be you should re-consider.

A recent research study has found out that air conditioners, which are the epitome of comfort and luxury, in these modern times may not be all that great for your health.

Lately, due to the effects of pollution and global warming, summers tend to be extremely harsh with unbearable heat!

So, naturally, people who can afford them do not think twice before opting to install ACs at their homes or offices!

Most work places we step into, these days, have a centralised air conditioning system, in efforts to keep their employees comfortable.

However, what most of us do not realise is that air conditioning creates an artificial temperature change, which may be very unhealthy for the human immune system.

If you are falling sick quite often, without any apparent reason, then the long hours you spend working in an air conditioned environment could be the reason.

Have a look at some of the health hazards associated with air conditioning, here.


1. Sinusitis

Professionals opine that people who spend more that 4 hours in an air conditioned environment are highly likely to develop sinus infections, as the cold air leads to the hardening of the mucous glands.


2. Constant Fatigue

When the AC is set to very low temperatures, it may lead to internal shivers in a person's body and the individual's body works overtime to produce more heat, causing constant fatigue.


3. Viral Infections

Working or spending a lot of time in an AC environment, which does not have fresh air circulation, can be the cause for the transmission of viral infections like flu, common cold, etc, from one person to another.


4. Dryness Of The Eyes

One of the major causes for dryness of the eyes with symptoms like itching and irritation in the eyes is said to be the effect of air conditioning.


5. Dryness Of The Skin

As the artificial, cold air produced by the air conditioner dries out your skin cells, you can develop dry and rough skin if you spend too much time in the AC.


6. Allergy

Many a times, we forget to clean out the AC ducts which circulate the air, so a lot of dust and mold get accumulated in this. The air which circulates through these unhygienic ducts can cause allergic reactions in people.


7. Weakens The Immune System

It is noted by studies that people who spend more time in air conditioned environments have a weakened immune system, as they tend to fall sick more often and the healing process becomes slower in their case as well.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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