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Nutrients That Reduce Inflammation

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Acute inflammation is different from chronic inflammation. When it comes to acute inflammation, it is a short term inflammation. For example, when you have sore throat or you injure yourself, this kind of inflammation occurs.

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But chronic inflammation is a long term issue. Asthma, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome are all a result of chronic inflammation.

Certain habits, certain environmental factors, unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle, smoking, stress, alcohol and bad oral hygiene could cause chronic inflammation in the body.

Acute inflammation helps the body heal faster whereas chronic inflammation is a bad signal that indicates that something in your lifestyle is going wrong. If it isn't addressed on time, it could lead to several other health issues.

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Now, let us discuss about the nutrients that can reduce inflammation.


Vitamin C

It is found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Even tomatoes can minimise inflammation.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is anti-inflammatory and also an anti-oxidant. Eat spinach, broccoli and sweet potato.


Vitamin D

Sunlight provides Vitamin D. Other sources are egg yolks, milk and fish.


Vitamin B

Kale, mushrooms and bell peppers are foods that reduce inflammation. You need enough of vitamin B to combat inflammation.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K can prevent osteoporosis and certain heart conditions. Cabbage, spinach and cauliflower are good sources.



This antioxidant combats free radical damage and is anti-inflammatory. Eat avocados, apples, tomatoes and garlic.


Vitamin E

This vitamin is present in seeds and nuts. Avocado and spinach are also good sources.



Magnesium can relieve you from stress and inflammation. Eat legumes, leafy greens and almonds to get enough of this mineral.

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