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Top 8 Home Exercises To Stay In Shape

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You don't need gym memberships or heavy equipment to perform workouts. You can workout at home and still maintain good shape.

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Your body needs activity to burn excess calories. Your body doesn't care whether you burn calories at home or in the gym as long as you intensely workout.

Another good thing about certain home workouts is that you can perform them anywhere using your body weight. Even when you go out of station, you don't need to skip your workouts and feel guilty.

Consistency is the only key to maintain healthy weight and stay in shape. So, even if you do simple home workouts, be consistent; you will never regret about staying in shape.

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Now, let us discuss about some simple home exercises. If you are totally new to working out, never try them directly without consulting your doctor. Read on...



Pushups engage your upper body well and keep your shoulders, chest and triceps in shape. It is one of the best body weight workouts in the world. They build both strength and endurance.


Pull Ups

Pullups are good for your arms and shoulders. They can enhance your upper body shape.



Squats give you a beautiful butt and they also engage the muscles of your lower body efficiently.



Performing plank exercise for 5 minutes a day would surely burn your abdominal fat and keep your tummy flat.



You don't need to go to a park to run. At home, you can do on-the-sot running. In fact, it is the best way to burn fat faster. Running taxes your whole system when you do it for more than 10 minuets a day.



You can use a chair to perform dips. They shape up your triceps and make your arms look toned.


Side Situps

This workout will shape your legs faster. If you have long legs, perform this workout regularly and see the difference.



Crunches can give you 6 pack abs if done regularly along with other exercises.

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