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7 Natural Antiviral Ingredients

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Even if you use antibiotics, they can't affect viruses. And we all know how infections like common cold and flu trouble us during seasonal changes.

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Consuming certain foods that contain anti-viral properties could be a good idea to defend your body against such minor infections.Though medicines work well when it comes to fighting fever, cold or cough, a better way to strengthen your body's natural defenses is byconsuming foods rich in anti-viral properties.

Also, such foods can prevent those infections. Including them in your diet throughout the year can help you during seasonal changes when your body is vulnerable to infections.

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Now, let us discuss certain antiviral foods that are available in your kitchen.



Ginger is one powerful ingredient that has many medicinal properties. Ginger and raw honey can be consumed to prevent many seasonal issues. Also, when you are suffering from flu or cold, drinking ginger tea can give some relief.



Curcumin, an ingredient present in turmeric is anti-viral in nature. Using turmeric in your dishes can prevent certain health issue.



Even garlic is one medicinal ingredient which is both antibacterial and antiviral. Some sources say that eating a raw garlic can minimise your chances of a viral infection by 60%.


Olive Leaf

Olive leaf contains anti-inflammatory and also anti-viral properties. It inhibits viral action.


Green Tea

Green Tea contain catechins. It is said to inhibit some types of viruses. Have a cup of green tea daily.



Edible mushrooms are said to be rich in anti-viral compounds. Shiitake mushrooms are the best when it comes to anti-viral properties.



Licorice extract contains potent anti-viral properties. It can prevent viruses from attacking the cell membranes.

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