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Mental Tricks To Fight Depression

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Depression is a serious health condition, but it comes along with a social stigma that frequently keeps those impacted by it from seeking treatment. While everybody feels down in the dumps every once in a while, depression is described by symptoms like nervousness, loss of appetite, sleeping trouble, frustration and lethargy, that persist for over two weeks.

Children are the quickest growing demographics of depression sufferers. About thirty percent of females suffer from depression and about fifteen percent of males, though that number might be higher, as men are even more unlikely to seek treatment.

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ways to fight depression

More than fifty percent of individuals believe that depression is a personal weakness, not a medical problem. More than eighty percent of those struggling with depression are not receiving treatment. More than fifteen percent of those with depression may commit suicide.

ways to fight depression

One of the most disturbing facts about depression is that only about one third of those who are on depression drug report that the medicine works well in managing their signs. These medicines come with a few serious adverse effects, and in young individuals have even been proven to increase suicidal inclinations.

ways to fight depression

There are various herbal treatments available which will either treat mild cases of depression on their very own, or compliment traditional treatment in more serious cases. Some of these are St. John's Wort, valium, hop flowers and borage. These have been successfully used to treat nervousness, stress and tension and to provide a restful sleep.

ways to fight depression

There are certain mental tricks that you can try to treat depression. This is known as cognitive behavioural therapy. Reflection is a good thing, but stop ruminating on something negative. Try to stay in the present and be hopeful about the future. Think positive thoughts. Do not isolate yourself. Be in the company of people. Be regular with your eating, drinking and sleeping habits.

Set simple and straightforward goals. Do not set unrealistic goals. These goals should be achievable. Make a list of things that you liked doing before you became depressed. Start doing them one by one. Learn to treat yourself gently. Take good care of yourself physically and mentally.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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