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Here Are Some Myths About Menopause That You Should Know

By Lekhaka

Menopause is defined as having no menstrual periods for one year. When you totally stop having a menstrual period for twelve consecutive months, you are said to have entered menopause. There are certain myths about menopause that we shall discuss here today.

Menopause can cause many changes within your body. Symptoms might include hot flushes, fat gain or vaginal dryness. Menopause could also increase your risk for specific conditions like osteoporosis.

The age you encounter menopause may differ; however, it usually occurs in the late forties or early fifties. Others are going to continue to have menstrual periods in their late fifties. The age of menopause is believed to be genetically determined, but such things as smoking or chemotherapy may increase the chances of having an earlier menopause.

You might find that getting through menopause requires little medical care. Read on to learn about the myths about menopause that all women should know.

The first myth about menopause is that it might just stop one day. This does happen to some ladies, but in most cases, it stops after you get periods irregularly and sometimes this continues for even five years.

The next myth about menopause is that all women suffer from severe cases of hot flushes. However, this is not true. There are a lot of women who do suffer from severe cases of hot flushes, but there are others who suffer from very mild cases of hot flushes.

Another myth about menopause is that prescription hormone replacements can prove to be fatal. On the contrary, hormone replacement therapy is recommended for women to tackle their problems of menopause. It is only not recommended for women who suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, obesity and cholesterol.

Unlike popular belief that menopause kills sex drive, it is the dry vagina that makes it painful and women try to steer clear of it. Using lubricants, oils like coconut oil and oestrogen creams can help in this matter.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 21:30 [IST]