Superb Medical Benefits Of Drinking Hot Chai

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On an average scale of 1-10, about 8 percent of people in India prefer drinking tea than to coffee. The simple reason why hot chai is preferred is because of it's beautiful aroma and taste.

Apart from this, drinking tea on a daily basis is extremely healthy and one cup of this wonderful beverage, it will work wonders in your life. According to recent research, it is noted that drinking one cup of hot chai twice in the day will drastically reduce and prevent you from developing cavities.

Strangely, this miracle drink is so powerful that it has the ability to prevent Parkinson's disease too. And, most of the other studies indicate it may even save lives. Drinking hot chai with milk or in it's natural black form are both considered to be healthy.

However, black tea is richer and contains more useful properties when compared to milk hot tea. But, when preparing tea, one should refrain from using too much of sugar. Instead, adding ground pieces of gur or jaggery is healthier and better to use.

So, if you are one of those people who are absolutely in love with tea, you should take a look at the many marvelous medical benefits of drinking hot chai:


Cuts Anxiety

If you are feeling depressed and anxious, the only thing that can calm down the nerves is a hot cup of chamomile tea. This herbal tea contains a calming amino acid which helps to make you feel relaxed.


Control That PMS

Premenstrual syndrome seems to be every woman's problem each month. To put into place the feeling of irritability,digestive problems, food cravings, sleep issue and more, sip on chamomile tea. The tea has soothing properties which will relieve muscle cramps and reduce tension.



Over the years, there has been a lot of teas which can help to cure acne issues all over the body. But, recently, the best Herbal teas to treat acne is rooibos, spearmint and chamomile. One cup of this tea is enough to reduce the problem as well as get rid of the nasty looking scars too.



Drinking valerian root tea a couple of hours before bed is a safe treatment for those sleepless nights. Even a cup of green tea is enough to make those eyelids close.


Weight Loss

Hot tea is one of the best to drink in order to lose weight. On the other hand, White tea also contains the antioxidant EGCG and may help prevent new fat cells from forming just like that of green tea.


Tummy Upset

Ginger, peppermint and chamomile are all herbal teas shown to help settle a queasy stomach. Since tea is highly beneficial for treating an upset tummy it is also best to stay away from any dairy products added to the tea. Avoid sugar too and instead opt for gur



Ginger, green and chamomile are few teas which have been shown to reduce tension headaches and ease migraines. Drink any of these teas twice in the day to control and get rid of that pain.


Stop That Allergy

To stop any kind of an allergy the first thing you should do is brew a cup of hot tea.It is said that teas likepeppermint tea, green tea and nettle tea help to reduce allergic reactions as soon as possible.


Drink That Ginseng Tea

Panax ginseng, which is commonly known as Chinese or Korean ginseng is the best for a man who has low libido. Ginseng is very powerful and the effects of this tea is seen in not less than half an hour.


STOP Bad Breath

When it comes to bad breath, certain teas may help. Black tea is full of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that help stop plaque from sticking to your teeth. Likewise, even green and peppermint tea is very useful in treating bad breath.

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