Real Life: Living Example Of A Happy Breast Cancer Survivor

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Breast cancer is like a nightmare for every women. The moment one gets diagnosed with breast cancer, she gets a feeling that this is the end of the world as the disease is incurable. More than the disease the mental trauma associated with it starts haunting the patient and a few women go into depression as well.

Dispelling all these myths, here is this living example of a 62 year old 'young' and charming lady Vandana Ramnane from the city of Bangalore, who is now all on her toes and extremely happy, totally cured of breast cancer.

Real Life: Living Example Of A Happy Breast Cancer Survivor

Her Journey After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer:

It was just one fine day in the year 2008 when she felt some kind of discomfort around her left breast and found a kind of small lump around it.

She got it checked with a physician who then prescribed her to get a mammogram done. The mammogram report revealed that the lump was malignant and cancerous. Vandana says, "Life was all normal but all of a sudden I felt like the world came breaking down. I felt as if a crab came crawling in my body and that crab was associated with the big word 'C'."

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I started talking to my friends and close relatives and they told me about one of the renowned cancer care centres in Bangalore and this is where I got my treatment done and a new rejuvinated life too, she further said.

Real Life: Living Example Of A Happy Breast Cancer Survivor

Strong Will Kept Her Going:

Though hard to accept the fact initially, but Vandana, a jovial, smart and strong-willed lady felt that she needed to get back on her feet. A homemaker, with a lovely close knit family - husband, two sons, daughters-in-law (who are daughters now) and three grandchildren, she felt she had a lot of responsibilities as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Vandana said "I could not just sit for I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used to go for chemotherapy and radition as per the doctor's instruction and was strict on regular check up and follow up with the doctor who were treating me. At the same time I used to go out meet friends, relatives and above all tried to keep myself engaged and busy."

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When asked about the hairfall after the chemotherapy, Vandana promptly said "I had a hairfall after my chemotherapy began, but I took a wig for myself and wore it whenever I went out so that people do not empathize with me. So this gave me confidence to face people and society. I had to be bold inorder to overcome the condition."

Real Life: Living Example Of A Happy Breast Cancer Survivor

Her Mantra To Overcome The Disease:

One needs to have hope and positive expectations as this is going to make a lot of difference while undergoing the treatment. One of the best mantras to overcome the disease, she says "Get, dress up, go out. Don't look back, don't spoil your today, lit the candle as everyday is special."

Constant support from the family is yet another very crucial aspect through the journey. Vandana had the constant support from her husband who is a bussinessman and was beside her whenever she needed him. Also, she says her two sons who were still unmarried when she was diagnosed with breast cancer were always by her side.

Real Life: Living Example Of A Happy Breast Cancer Survivor

Meanwhile, both her sons are now married and she has three loving grandchildren who keep her going around. Currently, her daughters-in-law are no less than daughters to her.

Along with the doctor, support groups of cancer survivors are very important. Vandana says, "The doctor may provide exceptional treatment, but he/she cannot talk everything to the patient due to their tight schedule. Hence, it is only the one who has undergone this trauma will be able to relate about the disease and ways to overcome it."

Winner Of Self V (Self Video) Contest:

Vandana is one such motivation and a perfect example to look up to for all those suffering from breast cancer. Vandana is also the proud winner of Self V (Self Video) Contest for 2015, an initiative of Pink Hope Cancer Support Group. This contest was specifically for cancer survivors where the contestant had to take a Self Video of 60 seconds and was judged by an eminent panel of judges.

It's been seven years now ever since Vandana was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now totally cured of breast cancer. She is now one of the active members of a breast cancer support group called 'Pink Hope'. She regularly visits HCG, talks to patients suffering from breast cancer and provides them a ray of hope and instills in them a strong will to fight back breast cancer.

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