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Important Medical Tests Women Should Take Up

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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According to a survey, India is among the worst countries for gender equality.

Social taboos, gender-based discrimination, low awareness and negligence are some of the issues that are responsible for the increase in number of diseases among women.

According to a study by a foreign NGO, cervical cancer is ranked as the most frequent type of cancer in India.

An effective way to treat these types of diseases is early detection. It is a must that awareness should be spread among women to make sure that they often go for a regular body check.

These tests can help detect diseases in their early stages and therefore help in treating and erradicating them at an early stage.

There are several tests such as Mammography - test for breast cancer, HPV - test for cervical cancer, and the tests to detect cholesterol or BP-related diseases that can help cure the diseases at an earlier stage.

Today, we at Boldsky will share information about some of the medical tests that should be on every woman’s medical checklist. So, read on and make sure you get these tests done on a timely basis, as per your doctor's advice.


Bone-Mineral Density Test

According to a survey, 1 in 3 women worldwide is at a risk of this crippling disease of bone called Osteoporosis. All women who have hit their menopause should consider getting this test done.


Clinical Breast Exam And Mammogram

According to a study, 97 percent of the women who get diagnosed during these tests have a high chance of survival. A woman should get her breasts manually diagnosed periodically by the time she reaches 20. Beginning 40, every woman should get a mammogram done once a year.



Although the statistics for colon cancer is extremely low in India, but prevention is better than cure. According to doctors, one should get the first colonoscopy done at the age of 50 years.


Dental Test

One should get a regular dental check-up done to treat gum diseases and to prevent the onset of oral cancer. Getting dental cleaning done twice in a year should be on your agenda to keep various diseases at bay.


Heart-health Checkup

According to a survey, more than 64 percent of women who die of cardiac arrest have had no previous signs of it. It is a disease that causes a large number of mortality among women. So, the annual checkups starting 20 years of age is necessary. If you have had a family history of hypertension and heart-related issues, annual screenings become all the more important.


Lipid Profile

The change in lifestyle has given rise to increased cholesterol levels in many women. High cholesterol levels in individuals are not only responsible for heart diseases, but they can also be linked with gall bladder diseases. A woman should start getting screened for lipid profile beginning at 20 years of age and should get it tested every 5 years once till the age of 45. After 45, an annual lipid screening is a must.


Pap Smear

Cervical cancer is the second deadliest cancer in India. Beginning 21 years, every woman should get an annual Pap Smear test. Annual Pap Smear test is the tested way to detect any chances of cervical cancer in time.


Diabetes Screening

Women who are obese, have high cholesterol level, experience fatigue often, or have a family history of Diabetes should get tested for Diabetes annually.


Thyroid Test

Women who have a family history of Thyroid and suffer from sudden weight gain or loss should get screened for thyroid-stimulating hormone. Typically, these tests must be conducted every 5 years once or as advised by your doctor.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Women who engage in unprotected sex, experience irregular pain or bleeding during sex should get it screened for STDs


BP Check

High or low blood pressure is the reason behind many potentially fatal diseases. Every woman older than 18 years must get an annual BP check done.


Test For Ovarian Cancer

Women who often experience pelvic pain or have a history of Ovarian cancer must get this test done. It is normally conducted as often as prescribed by your gynaecologist.


Eye Examination

For an early detection of health problems from cataracts to Glaucoma, one must get a comprehensive eye check-up done. After 40 years of age, one must get it done every 2 years once until the age of 65 years.


Screening For Skin Cancer

It is the best test for an early detection of skin cancer. One must get an annual test done by the time you turn 30 years.


Test For Lung Cancer

Smokers smoking a packet or more a day are at a high risk of lung cancer. This test is done to treat any malignancies in time.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 2:02 [IST]
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