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How We Sabotage Our Mental Health

Posted By: Staff

How often do we think of taking care of our mental health? Not often. Our mind is as important as our body. However, hardly do we pay heed to our mental health till the time we have a mental breakdown. Only when we face certain issues regarding our mental health, do we sit up and take notice.

There are certain ways in which we sabotage our mental health knowingly or unknowingly. If we pay heed to these ways and avoid these ways and take control of our lives, we will definitely live a mentally sound life. Let us discuss them here.

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how we damage our mental health

We cause a lot of harm to ourselves mentally when we do not exercise on a regular basis. Exercising not only helps us to stay fit physically, it also helps in the secretion of happy hormones that keep us in a good mood for a long period of time. It also helps to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

how we damage our mental health

Staying in the middle of clutter can prove to be very harmful for our minds. It causes restlessness, depression and anxiety. So stop hoarding and start getting rid of things that you do not need. When we skip sleep we end up harming not only our body, but our mind as well. Sleep deprivation leads to depression and anxiety disorders.

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how we damage our mental health

Drinking too much is not only bad for your body, it harms you mentally as well. Alcohol depresses your nervous system, slows you down and also brings down your mood. Staying indoors all the time not only deprives you of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, it also makes you depressed. So go out in the sun and take a walk to remain mentally sound.

how we damage our mental health

Work life balance has become very important in the current scenario. Working too much can lead to stress, depression and other mental problems. You also cause harm to yourself if you think pessimistically, constantly keep comparing yourself with others, resort to obsessive thinking and bottle up anger.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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