How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss?

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You have a hard time understanding phone conversations. You find it extremely difficult to comprehend all the words in a dialogue.

You do not hear normal sounds like the doorbell or the faucet dripping. You have trouble understanding dialogue when background noise is present like a large group, audience or the waitress in a restaurant. All these signify that you have a problem with hearing.

How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss must be treated at the earliest to prevent total hearing loss. Here are some ways in which hearing loss may be treated.

Clean up your ear wax at the earliest. Ear wax is perfectly normal. It is a way in which the ear cleans itself. However, if there is a massive buildup of earwax, it can cause hearing problems.

Have it checked by your doctor and get it removed. If you are certain that it is earwax, you can try and remove it with the help of hydrogen peroxide which first softens it and then drains it.

How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss

If you find that you have ear pain, a liquid draining from the ears, dizziness, inflammation in the ears, rush to your doctor immediately. It could result in hearing loss.

There are certain medications that can end up causing hearing loss. Certain diuretics and antibiotics come with warnings on the labels like "may cause, ringing, tinnitus or hearing loss". Check for these and prevent hearing loss in the long run.

Hearing loss might occur if there is a tiny amount of fluid that is accumulating in the middle ear. A small pipe is inserted here to drain the fluid in order to prevent hearing loss.

How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss

Go for the right kind of earphones to prevent hearing loss. Research has proved that people who listen with the aid of a earphone for more than one hour at a volume level that is more than sixty percent are bound to suffer from hearing loss.

So keep a check on the volume level of your earphone and the time spent using it to prevent hearing loss.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 1, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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