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Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Fever

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Sometimes, a fever could just be a result of a stressful day at work, or a tiresome phase that accompanies sleepless nights.

A fever can just be a dip in your immunity levels too. When you fall sick, you may need to deal with the temperature.

Generally, minor fevers come and go in a day or two even without using medicines. If you wish to try some home remedies to deal with a minor fever then here are some tips.


Tip #1

Dip a pair of socks in cold water and wear them. Remove them after 10 minutes and again dip them in water and wear them. Such methods will absorb some heat and provide relief.


Tip #2

Drinking water is also important to hydrate your body when you have fever. Also, water can cool your system a bit.


Tip #3

When your body feels hot, you can try cold compress. Or else you can simply dip a towel in cold water and place it for a few minutes on your face and neck. It can reduce the heat a bit.


Tip #4

Even herbal teas are good in bringing down your fever. Herbs like holy basil, thyme, oregano, ginger and pepper mint have medicinal properties.


Tip #5

When you are suffering from fever, you lose appetite. However, your body needs nutrients. So, a soup can help you in such times. It can hydrate you and also provides some nutrients.


Tip #6

Eat fruits. Some nutrients from fruits and vegetables can enhance immunity. For example, vitamin C boosts your immunity. Oranges, watermelon and pineapples are the best.


Tip #7

If none of the above home remedies offer relief then it is better to meet a doctor immediately.

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