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How To Break Fever

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Fevers are indications of some complication in the body. It is not an illness by itself, but indicates an illness in the body. A fever or high temperature might come on slowly and increase over a couple of days or it could rise very rapidly.

The high temperature might make you feel uneasy - you could experience chills or shivers when your temperature is rising, and may perspire when it is falling. Sometimes you may appear flushed, and your skin may be hot, but the internal temperature will be fairly regular.

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In children under twelve months, fever could be an indicator of a more critical sickness, and you do need to seek medical advice. Their temperature will become normal once the infection or any other reason for the fever has been totally cured.

ways to come over fever

In older kids, treat the temperature only if you believe it is making your youngster unpleasant, irritable or so lethargic that she cannot drink enough fluids. Give your youngster liquid paracetamol in the correct and recommended dose. Giving your kid more than the recommended dose may cause liver damage.

Use a thermometer to check your kid's temperature. Feeling your kid's skin and guessing the temperature is not always a dependable way of checking the temperature.

ways to come over fever

In order to check the temperature, place the thermometer in your kid's mouth under the tongue, or under your kid's armpit, or put an electronic ear thermometer into your kid's ear, or place a temporal artery thermometer on your kid's brow.

You can break fever in a number of ways. Once the fever rises above 100° Fahrenheit, you should try to bring it down. Cold compress is a great method. Soak a clean cloth in cold water and place it on the forehead. Change it every few minutes. This will bring down the temperature. Placing an ice pack under your arms also helps.

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During high fever, there is a tendency to cover up from head to toe because of the chills and shivers that the body experiences. In order to break fever, do not cover up. This will allow the body to cool down once the heat escapes. This will help in breaking fever.

ways to come over fever

Try sponging with cold water or submerge yourself in water in a bathtub for sometime. This will bring down the temperature. Drinking lots of water can help bring down fever as it flushes out toxins from the body.

You should get enough rest to recharge your batteries, and give a boost to your immune system. This will help the body to fight the infection and eventually the fever will come down.

Sometimes it is best to wait in order to let the fever come down all by itself. Sometimes the fever runs its course to fight the infection in the body and comes down by itself.

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Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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