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How Improved Technology Has Affected Our Health

By Super

We are living in the Tech age, where most of our utilities are available online. Naturally, health has its share too, in this cesspool of technical improvement.

With satellite mapping, geo tagging and software that can organise a huge information of patient history data, a new age in health care has begun.

From identifying a deadly outbreak to creating a preventive vaccine to stop an epidemic, technology has revolutionised the medical field and daily health care system.

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After the Second World War, human population started to have an exponential growth due to much-lesser mortality rate than before.

Thanks to the medical advancement, average longevity is of 70 years now, which is much higher than the data that was collected in 1945. Technology has a huge contribution in this.

Advanced X-ray, MRI, EEG, ECG, Chemotherapy, etc, have turned applied medicine to be like a cakewalk nowadays for patients.

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As with today’s technology and knowledge, it is very easy to diagnose a disease at its earlier stage, chances of recovery are much higher in such cases.

This is how improved technology has affected our health and has given us a better chance in life.

But, with every good, there are many downsides. Since the inception of internet, too much information is out there and without expert supervision, paying heed to these self-assured advices can put your life at jeopardy.

In short, from another angle, this is how technology has destroyed our health and chances of living a normal life.

So, have a look at how advanced and improved technology has affected our health:

Availability Of Medicines Online
Like everything else, medicine is also up for sale in various online shops.

Unlike offline shops, where without proper prescriptions one is not allowed to buy sensitive and harmful medicines, online shops provide medicine without any proper checkups or even without checking the authenticity of a prescription uploaded online.

This is another way how improved technology has affected our health.

Unsupervised Drug Usage
Medicines which can cause serious harm if not taken under supervision, like abortion pills, menstruation control pills, even some high dose painkillers, gout medicines, can cause excessive bleeding, nausea, liver failure and eventually death.

Easy access to drugs without proper check-up policy is how technology has destroyed our health.

Too Much Information
Internet is congested with websites and blogs giving health advices, diet chart, exercise videos and healthy routine, telling you what to do, what to eat, what to wear and how to live.

People who have serious conditions like diabetes, high BP, hypothyroidism or hyperthyrodism, etc, cannot perform all sorts of exercises or cannot follow all kinds of diet plans; and following most of these advices might be injurious to health.

Due to easy and free access of the information on internet, lots of people have stopped visiting physicians for small-scale issues, which might be symptoms of a serious problem, thus making their life uncertain and unhealthy. This is how improved technology has affected our health.

App-based Lifestyle
Nowadays, there is an App for everything, including healthy lifestyle-related Apps.

These apps give you a calorie-based routine, which is basic at best and really very unhealthy in terms of a diet plan because to have a healthy body with calories, we also need nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This is how improved technology has affected our health in today's world.

Apart from these, internet and improved technology have created a very narcissistic and gratifying idea of health for the general population, which is unhealthy to its core and have created issues like anorexia, forced bulimia, depression, body image issue, etc.

Too much of everything with easy access and without any supervision and accountability is how technology is affecting our health.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 22:45 [IST]
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