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How Fidgeting Can Actually Be Helpful

By: Sneha A

Fidgeting is a habit that is altogether considered to be very rude by all. From a very young age, we are told to never fidget, especially at social occasions.

Today, our modern lifestyle forces us to stay seated most of the times at our respective workplaces and then even at our homes. It is this sedentary way of life that leads us to suffer from numerous health issues at an age we hardly expect them to occur.

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To this there is an extremely simple solution, the one thing that is completely frowned upon and that is fidgeting.

Even though fidgeting is no alternative to a complete physical workout, yet it will definitely prove to be helpful to a great extent.

It is essential to understand that an hour of gym cannot compensate for eight hours of nothing but sitting in the office.

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So this is a good news for all those constantly restless people, who keep on shaking, shifting or moving from one place to the other, that their fidgeting is no more just a bad habit but the one that can even enhance their health and well-being.

The constant repetitions of these small yet rapid movements will ensure lengthening the span of your life. Therefore, following are the reasons that tell why fidgeting is actually good for you.


1. Fidgeting Decreases Mortality Rates:

Some recent studies have shown that long hours of staying seated can not only cause serious health issues but also prove to be life threatening. Researchers have come up to a conclusion that people who spend most of their time in sitting had a higher chance of an increased mortality rates.


2. It Can Save You From Pre-mature Death:

Even the simplest activities like stretching, frequently shifting and changing your position, shaking your feet, changing the posture you are in and other such ordinary fidgeting habits can save you from pre-mature death.


3. It Is Better Than Always Being In A Sitting Position:

It is not as such that fidgeting burns a lot of calories and it cannot be claimed that fidgeting directly benefits the health of a person, but in days when almost all you can do is to sit, fidgeting can definitely make a difference.


4. Brings The Body Out Of The Inactive State:

On an average, a person spends nine to ten hours every day in being sedentary. This affects the metabolism of the body and lowers the capacity to burn food for energy, ultimately leading to obesity. Fidgeting may not be enough of an exercise, but it definitely helps in offsetting the effect of hours of inactivity on the metabolism of the body.


5. Fidgeting Is Beneficial For Children Who Suffer From ADHD:

Not only is fidgeting beneficial for adults, but it also beneficial for children who suffer from ADHD. It is the hyperactive behaviour, including fidgeting, that helps them to retain the information in their brains and further improve their work memory. This can easily be seen that children who are suffering from ADHD tend to fidget more when trying to solve any given problem.


6. It Increases The Attentiveness At A Gathering:

Certain studies have also discovered a link between fidgeting and the level of alertness in a person. It has been claimed that these movements, which do not look very essential or even polite in a gathering, actually help in increasing the attentiveness of the audience.


7. It Boosts The Brain To Finish A Monotonous Task:

Fidgeting can provide a slight distraction from the long hours of mundane work. This results in boosting up the ability of the brain to actually finish that monotonous task. It helps the brain to function more optimally while working.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 10, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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