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How Earth Affects Your Lifespan

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The earth day started as an environmental movement to enlighten people about various environmental issues. Man affects nature and ultimately nature affects man.

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Earth has given us life and it can kill us too when we never care to protect nature. Man's reckless actions and careless attitude towards plants and animals may someday gobble up the whole life on this planet.

We are more interested in technological progress and new luxuries that development has given us but unfortunately, we are not yet aware of the impact of some of the aggressive steps man had taken in an attempt to raise the quality of life.

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Earth Day is more about spreading the awareness among people regarding the impacts of environmental issues.


Polluted Air Kills Us Faster

The air that we breathe affects our lifespan. But today, we are surrounded with smoke and carcinogens in the air and this could kill us faster than cigarettes.


Toxic Water Affects Our Health

Pure water enhances our life span. But not all parts of the world is gifted with pure water as we have contaminated the water tables in many areas which is an alarming environmental issue both for humans and animals.


Deforestation Affects Rainfall

Cutting trees affects rainfall. When there are no rains, both plant and animal life may get affected and indirectly humans will have to pay the price.


Plastic Usage May Contaminate Soil

In spite of repeated warnings by environmental activists, we have not banished the usage of plastic. Littering the soil with plastic may kill the very quality of earth that gives us food through its plants.


Vehicles May Increase Global Warming

The temperatures of many areas of the world are increasing on an alarming rate. If this continues, the ice on the poles may melt and submerge the world.


Children Of This Generation Have Weaker Immunities

Many studies have suggested that the immunity levels of this generation kids has decreased a bit due to the poor quality of air and water.


Gadgets May Increase Radiation

Blame your gadget usage for your unexplained headaches. Though research has not yet proved how wi-fi usage and other types of radiation may affect our lives, it is a fact that man is digging his own grave by invading this planet.

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