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How Ancient Indians Managed To Live Long

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The health habits of ancient Indians helped them live longer than us. In fact, those who lived in villages had almost no access to health facilities but many tribes of those days lived longer than 100 years.

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Today, the average life expectancy is between 60-70 years. Even though people lived till 70, they are battling with many health issues.

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Of course, many things have changed over the recent centuries and that has reduced the life expectancy though we have more convenient lifestyles, thanks to the growing technology. Now, let us know how some tribes managed to live for more than 100 years.


They Treated Food As Medicine

Most of the ancient tribes ate only two meals a day. Though they wake up early before the sun rise and worked hard, they ate the first meal only in the noon. And they never ate refined grains. The whole grain diet they ate protected their digestive systems. Also, they ate food in limited quantities. They used to eat food for the body's needs but not for pleasure.


Quality Of Food, Water And Air

The food they ate contained no fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, added sugars or chemicals. Everything they ate was organic and the quality of the water and air back then was pure.


Less Meat Consumption

Their meat consumption was minimal; ate meat only once a week and ensured that their diet consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables which contain life.



They used to consume apricot seeds which are believed to have the potential to kill cancer cells. Many sources believe that the cancer rates were almost negligible during that time.


Gut Health

As yoghurt is a part of their daily diet, their gut health remained good. The micro-organisms that are present in the gut need yogurt.



They used to spend time working in the fields most of the time. So, they got their activity levels and sunlight too. Also, they used to walk long distances.


Inner Life

They believed in innate intelligence. They used to listen to their bodies to know about their needs. They used to meditate to beat stress. And they looked up to nature for answers. They never had to manage excessive stress and pollution too.

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