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7 Healthy Tips To Boost Your Energy On Mondays!

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A famous writer once said, "don't mess with anybody on a Monday, it is a bad, bad, day!". Most of us can surely relate with the quote, right? We often wonder if there are a few tips that can help beat the infamous "Monday blues".

There is a vast difference between the modern-day work culture and the traditional ones.

One of the main difference is that, the modern-day work culture has longer hours of work, many of them can be more stressful and most of them can give the employees off days during the weekends - Saturday and Sunday!

Because of the longer gap between Friday and Monday, where the employees get to enjoy a stress-free weekend, they feel extremely unenthusiastic to get back to work on a Monday!

It is normal human nature to feel "blue" or slightly down to get back to a monotonous routine after a relaxing weekend.

Although most commonly experienced by working professionals, "Monday blues" can also be noticed in students or anyone with a weekly routine.

So, here are a few healthy tips to help you overcome your "Monday blues", have a look!

Tip #1

tips to beat monday blues

Mental health professionals opine that having a proper posture helps lessen the "Monday blues" to a certain extent. Sitting up straight while working and not slouching can help you feel more active!

Tip #2

tips to beat monday blues

Ensure that you get some fresh air and sunlight, by taking a small break from work on a Monday morning, this habit can make you feel rejuvenated.

Tip #3

tips to beat monday blues

Tips to make Mondays better include wearing a perfume with a peepy scent, so that it can make you feel energised throughout the day.

Tip #4

tips to beat monday blues

Another tip to beat "Monday blues" is to wear clothes with vibrant colours or carry along colourful bags and other accessories, as bright colours can instantly make you feel more enthusiastic!

Tip #5

tips to beat monday blues

Yet another way to make your Mondays feel better is to listen to some great music, with energetic beats, while you are commuting to work, as this habit will surely help kick-start your Monday!

Tip #6

tips to beat monday blues

Working out at the gym or going for a run, before work, on a Monday morning can also help keep you energised throughout the day, thanks to all the endorphins it produces!

Tip #7

tips to beat monday blues

Another unusual tip to help beat "Monday blues" is to consume probiotics. Experts opine that probiotics are linked to the improvement of your mood and can enhance it in a great way!

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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