Are You Having These 8 Winter Fruits &Veggies? Try Them For A Number of Health Benefits

By: Shubham Ghosh

Winter is a great time to eat fruits and vegetables. This is a season when the nature is at its best and produces some of the best varieties of food items that take care of our health. Having these fruits and veggies surelycan help us beat some of the winter related ailments.

Although modern technology has made all kinds of fruits and vegetables available throughout the year, still it is always advised to make full use of the nature's gifts. This article lists 8such seasonal fruits and vegetablesthat you must make sure to include, especially during the winter season:


1. Orange:

This citrus fruit is a rich content of vitamins A and C and it improves your body's immunity. It includes copper, calcium, potassium, etc.,and is a good source of dietary fibre. Orange is good for health, skin, blood pressure and prevents deadly ailments like cancer.


2. Carrot:

A good source of beta-carotene, carrot also contains a lot ofvitamins like B, C, D, E and K and various other nutrients like folate, potassium, iron, copper, etc. The vegetable can be eaten both in raw and cooked formsand has a number of benefits for our health like improving eyesight and immunity, prevention of cancer, regulation of blood sugar level, etc.


3. Turnip:

Another great winter vegetable. It contains a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc.,and helps in giving a good eyesight, regulates weight, fights cancer and others.


4. Apple:

This doctor fruit is though available throughout the season, it is a winter-special fruit. So,just continue to have enough of apples during winter as you have for the rest of the year. Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre, apple protects us against cancer, diabetes, hypertension and various heart-relateddiseases.


5. Peas:

Rich in vitamins B complex and K, peas are winter vegetables that contain a wide range of nutrients. Peas have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits and can be consumed both as cooked and raw. Peas regulate weight, prevent Alzheimer's, bronchitis, blood sugar, etc.


6. Beet:

This coloured vegetable is also available throughout the year;but the best time to consume this is in winter. Beet has a number of health benefits like it prevents heart, kidney, bone and liver diseases and helps maintain a proper flow of blood to the brain. Beet includes vitamins B and C, fibreand essential minerals like potassium and manganese.


7. Radish:

Radishisavailable in abundance during winter and containsa number of nutrients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, ascorbic acid, etc. Radishhelpsin reducing weight and cures diseases like jaundice, cancer, diabetes and piles. Italso curesurinary disorders.


8. Spinach:

This doctor vegetable is another major attraction of winter. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, spinach is a powerhouse of healthyessential nutrients. It prevents cancer, asthma and lowers blood pressure andishealthyfor theskin and hair.

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