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Hanumanasana Or Monkey Pose To Improve Abdominal Functioning

By: Mona Verma

This term has been originated from the Hindu God, wherein “Hanuman” denotes “Lord Hanuman” and “asana” denotes “pose”. Lord Hanuman is also known as the monkey lord, hence the asana is called so.

Hanumanasana signifies the giant leap made by the Lord from southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka, i.e., Ramsetu. The most important thing to be noticed about this asana is that you can’t practice it immediately.

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You need to be a bit flexible, and gradually, you can pick up this pose. You need to warm up yourself with some hip-opening exercises before you start with this pose.

This asana is performed in order to have a proper abdominal functioning.

benefits of hanumanasana

Our abdomen system contains all the digestive organs like intestines, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and liver.

Even if one organ isn’t functioning properly, the other organs suffer simultaneously. Hence, it’s very important to maintain the coordination between the organs.

Abdomen also connects to the back muscles and spine. This asana is performed in order to have a healthy abdominal functioning.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform The Asana

Step 1: Kneel down on the floor, with your knees apart. With your right foot forward, make sure your outer heel touches the floor, while raising the inner sole.

Step 2: Now exhale. Touch your fingertips on the floor, while bending your torso forward.

benefits of hanumanasana

Step 3: Now, slowly, shift your left knee backwards, making it absolutely straight; and make sure that the knee and the foot portion touch the ground. Keep on sliding your right leg, till it is on the floor, kept straight.

Step 4: Now, with your right foot forward, and left foot backwards, you are in a split position.

Step 5: Your right toe should be sky pointing and the left toe should be touching the ground.

Step 6: Join your palms while raising your arms and stretch your arms as much as you can, comfortably, with your back a little arched.

benefits of hanumanasana

Step 7: Initially, hold on to the position for a few seconds, or as long as you can. Gradually, increase the limit.

Step 8: Now, get up slowly while taking the support of your hands by pressing them on the floor. And this time, get your back foot in front, with the right one behind. Now, repeat the pose with your left leg in front and the right one at back.

benefits of hanumanasana

Step 9: Don’t force yourself on day one. Keep practicing this asana daily to get a perfection in this. Eventually, you’ll be able to perform it well.

Benefits Of The Asana

  • Stretches and strengthens the thighs and groin area
  • Stimulates and improves the functioning of the abdominal organs
  • Ensures to provide an excellent flexibility over a period of time

Don’t practice this pose if you have an injury in the abdominal area. Do it as comfortably as you can, without imitating or being perfect too soon. After all, it’s your body and you know it the best.

Initially, if you are finding too much of trouble in doing the pose, keep a blanket below your knees and ankle to avoid any serious pain.

If at all you face any kind of a problem or jerk in your leg while performing the asana, just hold on for a few more days. Try some more exercises to improve your flexibility and then start with this pose.

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