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Kapalbhati Pranayama (Skull Shining Breathing Technique) For Women's Reproductive Health

By Mona Verma

Kapalbhati Pranayama is a multipurpose practiced pose that helps in getting rid of various problems, over a certain period of time.

This asana is also derived from the Sanskrit term, "Kapal" which means forehead or skull and "bhati" which means light or shining.

By following this pose, you will notice that you have a glowing and fresh skin. You don't become a master overnight. You really need to pull up your socks and work quite hard for achieving this.

All the breath-controlling yoga exercises play an important role in our development, specially in maintaining balance, which is the utmost important thing.

The term "Pranayama" is associated with breathing itself, which provides you with a healthy mind, body and spirit.

This pose is associated with powerful exhales and passive inhales. It basically acts as a tonic for the system, which helps the body to rejuvenate.

Hence, it is known as a skull shining breathing tactic or the skull brightener breath. Once you practice it over a period of time, you can well imagine the lining of your skull being enlightened.


Step 1: You have to begin this pose by sitting in a comfortable position, and make sure your spine is straight and abdomen is comfortable enough.

Step 2: Keep your hands on your knees, with your palms on the knees.

Step 3: Concentrate on your lower belly. In order to attain a better perfection, just place your palms on your lower belly than your knees. You can be more associated with the meditation.

Step 4: Now, take a deep breath in through both your nostrils.

Step 5: Now, sniff by taking short breaths by contracting your lower belly while pressing it gently with your palms.

Step 6: Your inhaling should be automatic and quite passive because of being too quick. You should mainly concentrate on exhaling.

Step 7: Just begin with 65-70 breaths per minute. As a beginner, it's a good count. Gradually, get down till 95-105 cycles of inhaling/exhaling per minute. If you feel breathless or dizzy, just stop it there and get back to the normal breathing pattern. You can't attain perfection in a minute.

Step 8: Your two organs should work while performing this asana -your nostrils for inhaling and your mouth for exhaling. Just repeat this as many times and for as long as you can. Maximum is 15-20 minutes, which can give you a decent result within a short span of time.


  • Clears sinus, helps to clean lungs and respiratory system
  • Makes you strong against allergies
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles and diaphragm
  • Energises the brain and improves concentration
  • Regulates the ideal functioning of the reproductive system


Don't practice this pose if you have a heart problem, asthma, high blood pressure or hernia. Also, pregnant ladies should highly avoid practicing this technique.

On the contrary, this pose is excellent to have a healthy reproductive system because it detoxifies the body well and makes the body fit for reproduction.

Don't just start performing this pose by reading or going through the pictures. Always start under a supervision with no negligence while performing this.

Story first published: Saturday, May 28, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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