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Joint Pain? Avoid These Foods

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Joint pain could be due to soreness, inflammation, injury or any other reason. But it could literally make your life worse as you may not be able to move comfortably even to carry out simple daily life tasks.

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Most of us do experience minor pain in the joints. And in some, the pain is chronic and tends to be stubborn.

Chronic pain could be due to arthritis or gout. It could also be due to other issues like bone injury, muscle sprain, fibromyalgia, leukemia and bursitis.

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So, if you have any kind of joint pain, it is better to stay away from certain foods. Here is the list...


Artificial Sugar

Artificial sugars can trigger inflammation. Also sugar can also cause weight gains that could stress your joints.


Processed Meat

Purines and nitrates present in processed meats could worsen inflammation. Your pain could become worse if you eat them.



Egg yolks contain have arachidonic acid which may cause inflammation. Eat egg whites and leave out the yolks if you have joint pain.


Refined Grains

Even refined grains can trigger inflammation. Eating brown rice is better when you are suffering joint pains.



Monosodium glutamate can worsen your inflammation. This food additive can cause several other health problems also. Avoid it.



Even beer can harm your joints. Beer could raise uric acid levels. In fact, certain studies even claim that beer lovers could have higher chances of developing gout or arthritis.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 6:20 [IST]
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