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Why We Should Have Bananas In The Night: Top 5 Reasons

By: Shubham Ghosh

Is it good to have a banana in the night, particularly after dinner, which is the last meal you are having for the day?

According to some, it is not good, as it can cause digestive disorders. But, the fact is, it is absolutely okay to eat bananas in the night or after dinner.

Bananas are extremely healthy fruits, as they contain a number of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Experts suggest that we require between one-and-half to two cups of fruits per day, depending on our age; and bananas fulfill that requirement particularly well.

Here we list some of the reasons on why bananas are equally good to be had during the night, as well as in the morning, take a look:

Reasons For Eating Bananas In The Night

1. Improves Sleep: This is certainly the biggest benefit of eating a banana at night. The hormone called melatonin is essential for healthy sleep; and if we eat foods at night that boost the melatonin level, there's nothing better than that. Bananas have tryptophan, an amino acid that increases the melatonin level and hence cures the problem of insomnia.

Reasons For Eating Bananas In The Night

2. Improves Nutrient Intake: Potassium is a very essential mineral our body requires on a daily basis, as it keeps problems like high blood pressure at bay. An adult should have a daily potassium dosage of 4700 mg, but not often do we end up having that much. Hence, having a banana at the end of the day can always make up for the deficiency of potassium. Likewise, a serving of banana in the night can make up for the required daily dose of magnesium, which is another essential nutrient required for our body.

Reasons For Eating Bananas In The Night

3. Substitute For Sugar: A lot of times, we crave for sweet after dinner; but having sugary food in the night can do our body a lot of harm. In that case, eating a banana instead of a sugary food proves to be more beneficial. It not only satisfies the craving for sweet, but also gives us a lot of essential nutrients.

Reasons For Eating Bananas In The Night

4. Reduces Muscle Cramps: If you are having muscle cramps in the night because of any reason, consuming a banana can reduce the risk. Again, banana's high content of two electrolytes - potassium and magnesium - can boost the electrolyte content in our body, the imbalance of which can be one of the biggest reasons for muscle cramps.

Reasons For Eating Bananas In The Night

5. Boosts Fibre: Fibre is essential to have a good digestive system, besides a healthy heart and reduced chances of diabetes. Eating a banana in the night can meet the recommended dose of fibre for the body to get its benefits.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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