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15 Food Items That Make Us Feel Gross

By Tanushree Kulkarni

We all have patted ourselves for making that supposedly healthy move from a normal pancake to a whole-wheat pancake, traded soda for pressed juice and opted for whole wheat bread in place of a normal one.

It seems like a logical choice for many of us who are trying to remain healthy, but it is also true that overconsumption of these food items tend to make us feel uneasy, bloated and irritated.

Foods That Are Bad For Digestion

Yes, these foods can make us feel gross when consumed in excess. As we know, anything in excess is always bad for the health.

So, how do we address the issue then? The best thing would be include more of fruits, green leafy veggies and good fats that can remove the uneasiness from us and help us digest food better.

Today, we at Boldsky will talk about certain culprits that tend to make us feel gross and uneasy.

Green Foods To Avoid Stomach Bloating

If you are feeling too bloated and unsettling, then perhaps it is the time to watch carefully the consumption of some of the food items that are as mentioned on the list. Do have a look.

Food Items That Make Us Feel Gross


Whole Grains:

Food items like whole-wheat bread or pasta are rich in fibre, fibre is an indigestible carbohydrate, so eating too much of it can lead to bloating, acidity or an uneasy feeling.


Green Tea:

Green tea is hailed for its health benefits; but did you know that drinking too much of it can cause stress to the abdomen? Green tea has high levels of caffeine that can cause nausea in some people. So, it is better to opt for decaffeinated drinks like chamomile or peppermint tea if you love drinking more than a cup of it.


Nutrition Bars:

Nutrition bars are a great way to pump up before a hectic day or a workout session, but some of them have ingredients that are rich in fibre, which can make us feel bloated and cause cramps.


Dairy Products:

Overeating Greek yogurt can cause bloating or diarrhoea, so tread with caution and avoid consuming a lot of dairy products.


Canned Juices:

Canned juices have high levels of sugar in them, so consuming them can immediately spike the sugar levels in your blood and then plummet, which can make you feel sleepy, hungry or lethargic.


Sugar-free Sweets:

Sugar-free candies or sweets are quite a rage these days, but they can make you feel bloated up, as they contain some ingredients that are hard to digest.



Unbelievable, but it is true that items like beans, rich in proteins and fibres, can give you an embarrassing side effect such as acidity.



Packed with numerous health perks, apple can be a very filling fruit. It is rich in fibre and fructose that are the culprits in causing the bloated feeling.



Corn is a rich source of vitamin C, phosphorus and magnesium, but it also contains a certain amount of cellulose that is very hard to digest.


Soy Sauce:

Soy sauce is a great way to add a nice flavour to the dish, and perhaps most of our dishes are incomplete without it. However, did you know that it contains a high amount of sodium that can cause bloating? So, it is better to use it sparingly.


Red meat:

No doubt those red meat burgers are a treat for our taste buds, but red meat should be eaten in moderation, as it contains a high level of fats. It takes a lot of time for the body to digest it, making you feel gassy and bloated.


Chewing Gums:

Chewing gums seem like a harmless thing to pop in, but it can actually cause bloating in you. So, chuck that habit of chewing on a gum right away.


Almond Milk:

Almond milk makes an excellent substitute for vegans, but some brands of almond milk contain certain ingredients that can cause irritable bowel syndrome.


Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are a great alternative to those fattening snacks, but consuming them in excess can make you feel bloated and gassy.


Instant Oatmeals:

Instant oatmeal seems like a healthy and easy option when you are pressed for time. But, some brands are known to contain high fibre and sugar that can spike up the blood sugar level, leaving you feeling tired and bloated.

Story first published: Sunday, March 27, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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