Facts You Need To Know About Silent Heart Attacks

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The first and only sign of the silent heart attack might be sudden death! A study found the fact that death rates from silent attacks are increasing day by day.

Silent heart attack signs are not typical as other heart problems. A silent heart attack is very difficult to discover and is generally discovered long after the event via a careful study of the health background, ECG and blood test to get cardiac enzymes.

causes of heart attacks

Since the patient is not conscious of the attack and important, precious time is wasted, the heart becomes forever damaged. These attacks are crucial in the sense that seeking and receiving prompt treatment after an attack is important for both restoration and survival.

Individuals most vulnerable to silent heart attacks are those who had an attack before, people who have diabetes mellitus, women and men over the age of sixty five and people predisposed towards strokes.

The most crucial treatment for a silent heart attack is rebuilding the blood circulation to the heart. These quiet attacks lack most of the usual signs of a standard heart attack, but can still be understood through regular signs.

causes of heart attacks

These are a feeling of discomfort in your chest, arms or jaw, fatigue or severe fatigue, sickness, sweating, breathlessness and vertigo. An interesting fact is that twenty five to thirty percent of all heart attack episodes are silent heart attacks.

It is believed that women suffer from silent heart attacks a little more frequently than men. In a substantial number of women with diabetes and who are over 65 years of age, an attack comes with no symptoms. Women have a tendency to suffer from silent heart attack episodes after the onset of menopause.

One study found that women still face potential cardiac problem risks due to calcium buildup in their arteries. Studies show that younger females are developing heart problems earlier than originally thought and are at the risk of suffering from heart attacks.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 12, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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