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Our Body Requires Good Bacteria To Remain In Good Shape; Here Are 8 Benefits They Offer

By Shubham Ghosh

Our gut is home to several millions of bacteria; but not all of them are bad. And the good ones, or the probiotics (opposite to the antibiotics), really help us to become stronger by boosting our immunity to fight off the evil bacteria.

Probiotics help the body to absorb important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. They help fight infections in the body that can otehrwise lead to some of the serious ailments.

These probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that also improve the digestive health, thereby making us live a healthy, eased life minus the digestive disorders.

So, here are top 8 ways in which probiotics help us:


1. Treat Allergies:

The more your gut has probiotics, the better your body would feel, as your immune system becomes strong to be able to fight against allergies.


2. Helps In Proper Sleep:

Friendly hormones like serotonin and melatonin are required to have a relaxed body and mind for a sound sleep and for that, having probiotics in our body becomes key for the production of these hormones.


3. Helps Lose Weight:

While the co-existence of the good and bad bacteria result in an increase in weight, probiotics help you lose weight. Hence, if you can increase the amount of good bacteria in your body by means of healthy food and physical exercise, you will be able to outnumber the bad bacteria and reduce your weight.


4. Reduce Stress And Fatigue:

Stress and fatigue can see a rise of bad bacteria in our body, which in turn leads to diseases. It is thus important to have an adequate amount of probiotics in our body to improve the body's immunity. The good bacteria also absorb the nutrients, as mentioned earlier, and this results in producing energy, which neutralises fatigue and tiredness.


5. Cure Bloating:

Bad bacteria can produce gas in the stomach and the resultant - bloating. Probiotics, on the other hand, help in curbing this by preventing an imbalance in the gut.


6. Cure Loose Motion:

Presence of probiotics in the gut during an upset stomach and loose motion caused by it can be cured. It is because of this reason that eating yogurt is so very helpful if you have an upset stomach. It also improves the digestive disorder.


7. Helps Oral Health:

Healthy bacteria in the gut also help in maintaining a clean oral health and thereby prevent infection further.


8. Others:

Probiotics are also known to help in maintaining a good skin. They are also helpful in treating vaginal and urinary problems.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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