Effects Of Fluoride-Treated Water On The Teeth

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Fluoride has been used in toothpastes and by scientists to treat tooth problems. Hence, many people might think what is the need to add it to water when it can be used in the form of tooth paste? Research illustrates the essential, additional protection against tooth decay that fluoridated water supplies.

According to research, youngsters living in non fluoridated areas had a thirty two percent higher speed of decayed, missing or filled tooth than children in fluoridated communities.

Another study found that the tooth decay speed among kids in a fluoridated city was forty five percent less than the rate among children in two non fluoridated cities. This benefit occurred despite the fact that the majority of kids in each of those communities were using fluoridated toothpaste.

fluoride water on our health

Another study analyzed adolescents' dental health and reasoned that living in a residential area without fluoridated water was among the top three risk factors correlated with high rates of decay along with other dental issues.

These findings refute the claim made by fluoridation opponents that topical application of fluoride is the only efficient way to secure fluoride's benefits. According to the Journal of Dental Research water fluoridation impacts adult teeth as well and reduces decay by twenty seven percent.

fluoride water on our health

However, there is a flip side to this as well. Fluoride treated water is safe for use as long as it is treated properly and the correct amount of fluoride is added to the water. Higher doses of fluoride in water have been seen to cause a number of diseases.

High doses of fluoride in water can cause tooth discolouration. It can cause problems in the nervous system, bones, muscles and ligaments.

fluoride water on our health

Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should especially be careful. When the dose exceeds the limit, it can cause problems to the growing foetus or the breast-fed baby.

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