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Which Tea Is Good For You As Per Your Blood Group

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Many studies have been made on the foods and drinks that a person with a particular blood group type must have. Our blood group plays an important role in determining our health.

People have some health risk factors associated with them, depending on their blood group type. For example, people with blood group A have more risk of getting infected with bacterial and viral infections.

In the same way, people with O blood group have risk for ulcers and people with blood group AB and B have more risk of gaining weight.

Having teas for your blood group can help to prevent these risks, as teas have many health benefits associated with them. Hence, herbal teas can prove to be very beneficial for different blood group types.

Based on the health risk factors of different blood groups, you must have tea that will help in preventing diseases and keep you in a good condition based on your blood group type.

Here are some teas that you must drink based on your blood group type.


Blood Type A

People with blood group A can't handle stress well. They are very sensitive, and stress may take a toll on their health. Hence, they must drink and eat foods that will relieve stress and make them feel better.


Best Teas For A Blood Group People

They must have green tea, marigold tea, thyme tea, and jasmine tea. These teas can help people with blood group A, as they are effective in relaxing and bringing down the stress.


Blood Type B

People with blood group B put on weight easily, as they burn calories at a slower pace. They have a slow rate of metabolism and get tired easily. They always complain of fatigue and restlessness. People with blood group B find difficulty in sleeping as well.


Best Teas For B Blood Group People

People with blood group B must drink lemon balm tea, sage tea, elderberry tea, rooibos tea, red tea or green tea. These teas can increase metabolism, relieve fatigue and also help to sleep well during the night.


Blood Type AB

People with this blood group type are very imaginative and intuitive. They can handle stress well, but they may suffer from a low sex drive. Hence, they must avoid coffee and replace it with tea instead.


Best Teas For AB Blood Group People

People with AB blood group must drink mint tea, cranberry tea, lavender tea, green tea and yellow tea. These teas will increase libido and make them feel relaxed and refreshed.


Blood Type O

People with this blood group type are more prone to acidity and indigestion-related problems. People with blood group O can handle stress well though. They should also avoid coffee and have tea instead.


Best Teas For O Blood Group People

The people with this blood group type must have ginger tea, ginseng tea, yerba mate tea and green tea. These teas are good for the digestive system and also help in relieving gastric irritation.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 12:06 [IST]
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