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Dangers Of Chewing Betel Nut

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A percentage of the Asians have the habit of chewing betel nut. And yes, its injurious to health. Betel nut is a seed of a tree. Even betel leaves are used to chew betel nuts.

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In fact, this habit has been there since a century or even more. It gives a mood lifting effect temporarily and that is why many people get addicted to it.

But health experts say that chewing betel nut could cause cancer, reproductive issues and even jaw pain and various types of dental issues.

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If you have observed anyone with red lips and tongue, it could probably be due to the paan-chewing habit. Indians call it 'paan'. There are so many varieties of paan sold in India. Some even come with tobacco and some come with sweet flavours.

Now, let us explore the dangers of this habit...


Fact #1

Yes, it is a stimulant. Just like tobacco, it could stimulate you but if you over-consume, it could raise blood pressure, heart rate and could cause insomnia, anxiety and other issues.


Fact #2

Betel nut is a psychoactive substance. Though it is like a recreational drug, prolonged usage could cause serious effects on health.


Fact #3

Betel leaf and nut can alter the working of your nervous system. It could also cause nausea, vomiting, salivation sweating etc.


Fact #4

Betel nut could potentially cause oral cancer. It could also make lungs, liver, mouth, prostrate and stomach vulnerable to various types of cancers.


Fact #5

Some people even mix a bit of tobacco to it and this makes the side effects worse as tobacco is a cancer causing substance.


Fact #6

Pregnant women must totally stay away from betel nut as it is said to cause dangerous reactions in them. In fact, even fetal damage could occur.


Fact #7

Both teeth and skin get stained and dirty when you chew betel nut regularly.

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