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7 Miraculous Juice Remedies For High BP

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People suffering from high blood pressure have to take regular medication in order to control their BP. Sometimes, even after trying many medicines, controlling it tends to become difficult.

The answer lies in following a healthy lifestyle. You need some support from your diet too. You may need to eat what beings your blood pressure down.

In order to prevent certain dangers like stroke and heart attack, keeping your blood pressure in control is the key.

Yes, some foods can lower blood pressure. Here are some juice recipes which may help you control your BP.


Juice Recipe #1

Juice up 3 carrots, 1 beetroot, celery, 5 slices of cucumber, one pear and a piece of ginger. Drink the juice every day for a week to know the difference.


Juice Recipe #2

In order to control your BP, start your day with half a liter of beetroot juice every day. Try it for a week and see the difference.


Juice Recipe #3

Mix, orange juice with celery juice and drink it regularly. You can also try drinking only the celery juice.


Juice Recipe #4

Juice up a cucumber along with 3 tomatoes, one onion, some parsley and add some lemon juice to the drink.


Juice Recipe #5

Take a couple of apples, a cup of kale, a piece of ginger, one cucumber, some celery and juice all of them together. Add some lemon juice and drink it.


Juice Recipe #6

Juice cilantro along with 2 cucumbers, one apple and a chili (without seeds). Add some lemon juice and drink it.


Juice Recipe #7

Simply juice up a tomato along with a cucumber, cilantro and celery. Drink the juice once a day. Before trying any of these remedies consult a doctor.

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