Women Smokers Are More Prone To Disaster Than Men: These 8 Tips Can Help Them Quit Smoking

By: Shubham Ghosh

Women are considered more susceptible to health hazards than men, when it comes to smoking even if they begin the practice later than men and inhale less deeply.

The reason for the double risks lies in the differences in the lung tissues between men and women and the presence of the oestrogen hormone in women, which is considered as an agent that stimulates cancer.
Studies have also found that while men are fitter to be physically driven by nicotine, women mainly smoke to reap psychological benefits while spending time with friends and also de-stress.
It is therefore urgent for all women smokers to quit the habit, as it can make them vulnerable to deadly diseases like cancer.

Here are some tips to women on how to quit the ill habit:


1. Try To Coincide The Time Of Quitting Smoking With The End Of Your Period:

Studies have shown that women who give up smoking a fortnight after or before menstruating are more likely to be successful than those who do so in the later stage of the cycle. Factors like post-menstrual syndrome will make it tough to quit the habit no doubt, but given the high chance of success in this period, it's always worth to go for the dates.


2. Not To Think Of Dieting While On The Mission:

If you are also dieting while trying to quit smoking, you are actually putting your body under a double stress and the net result of this will be mostly failure. Hence, focus on multiple healthy meals in a day, so that it not only helps you to divert your focus but also helps your health.


3. Do A Lot Of Activity:

There are zillions of ways to de-stress and re-energise yourself. Go gymming, cycling, walking, swimming or any sporting activity. Don't indulge in lethargy caused by smoking; and hence kick the very habit. Channelise your money to get into a healthy addiction instead, so that you can better your health and also expand your life expectancy.


4. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT):

Things like nicotine patch, gum and nasal spray as a means to find the exit route from the evil cycle of smoking can be tried. All of them release nicotine into the bloodstream without using the lighter; and hence helps you avoid the suicidal path. But be very careful about not picking up another cigarette while you are using the nicotine patch, as it can lead to an overdose and put your heart in danger.


5. Find Alternatives:

Women feel more allured by smoke than the nicotine because they find the cravings too powerful to resist. Hence, it is helpful if you can find alternative cravings (of course, those that are healthy), so that even if you are not smoking, you will not deprive yourself.


6. Take People’s Help:

Women need more social support and it includes the mission to give up smoking. Take help from your partner, spouse, family and friends and also people who are in a same position as you. Take inspiration from women who have quit the self-damaging habit successfully.


7. Don’t Get Upset With Weight Gain:

Women tend to gain weight when they bid adieu to the burning stick, but that shouldn't be a reason not to quit smoking. The extra pounds can still go if you take an initiative, but the harm caused by the cigarettes is much more serious for your body.


8. Try Medications:

This is another option, but talk to a doctor before trying this. There are antidepressant medicines that kill cravings for nicotine that can be tried in combination with the NRT.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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