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5 Ayurvedic Remedies For Cold And Cough During Rains

By: Luna Dewan

Everybody loves rain, especially the first showers of the season after you have witnessed a spate of hot and humid climate for a few months. You get drenched for a couple of times and then, you tend to catch a bad cough and cold.

Generally, during this weather transition phase followed with sudden downpours, the immunity level among human beings tends to lower down. This isn't all.

Along with this, also the digestion level and the body strength lowers down. So, how should one deal with it? The first thing all of us do is to get some medicines and antibiotics from a medical store and gulp them down.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

Well, this does work for some, but not for all. The cough tends to prolong for long. For this kind of a persistent cough and cold during the rains, Ayurveda seems to have the best cure.

Tried and tested since time immemorial, of all the treatment options available, Ayurvedic remedies for cough, especially during the rains, have worked wonders.

Added to it, the best part of these simple Ayurvedic remedies is that it is easily available in every household.

Here are five Ayurvedic remedies for cold and cough during rains and how they work:

1. Ginger, Pepper And Salt Drink:
Ginger and pepper are widely known to heat our body. In case of cough and cold caused by getting drenched in the rains, one could prepare an Ayurvedic drink with these ingredients. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and ginger and bring it to a boil. This drink not just heats up your body but it will also help in improving your digestion.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

2. Ginger:
One of the well-known ingredients for Ayurvedic medicine is ginger. Prolonged cough can also be treated with ginger. One could boil it and drink it or also roast the ginger and then just chew it for effective results. It could also be added while boiling the tea.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

3. Turmeric:
Along with its antiseptic usage, turmeric, another widely used Ayurvedic ingredient, works as an anti-inflammatory agent in reducing cough and chest congestion. In order to treat cold and cough, turmeric can be consumed in the form of powder (2 teaspoons) with warm water.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

4. Tulsi:
It isn't just a holy plant, as considered by the Hindus; but Basil, commonly known as Tulsi, also has the antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why Tulsi has been used as the best Ayurvedic ingredient to treat viral cough, cold and also sore throat. Take about 10-12 tulsi leaves, wash them properly, boil them and drink slowly.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

5. Honey:
Of all the medications known in Ayurveda, honey is one of the most important ingredients having antioxidants and anti-microbial properties. It helps reduce the sensitivity of throat pain and in turn relieves cough. For treating cough, one could take one teaspoon of honey along with one teaspoon of lime juice, mix it with warm water and then drink it slowly.

ayurvedic remedies for cough in rainy season

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Story first published: Friday, May 20, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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