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Why Wear Sunglasses In Summer?

Sunglasses are trendy. They are stylish. They may add something to your personality. But why wear sunglasses in summer? Is there any particular reason for that?

Well, more than being a fashion accessory, they serve a purpose. They protect your eyes. Your skin is vulnerable to sun exposure and your eyes may strain a bit when the sunlight is too harsh.

We pay a lot of attention to the skin and use sunscreen but seldom do we pay attention to the damage that is being done to the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

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There are various brands of sunglasses available today. An important aspect is the UV protection that is being offered.

The best quality protection may come with an expensive price tag but at the end of the day, it is important to spend money on protecting eyes.

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Also, there are other serious reasons to wear sunglasses. Let us discuss about them in this article.


Save The Retina

Why wear sunglasses in summer? When eyelid cancer isn't treated on time, one's vision might get affected. The retina will also be affected. To prevent the damage wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection is important.


Protect Cornea

The cornea present in the eye is also prone to damage if exposed to UV rays in the long run. Wearing sunglasses may prevent the damage that is caused to the cornea by the UV rays.


Eyelid Cancer

Eye lid cancer is also a type of skin cancer. According to reports, it occurs mainly due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sun burn and over exposure to sun light can be one of the causes of skin cancer. It is a fact that the skin near the eyes is more sensitive. Therefore, it is better to wear sunglasses to protect those sensitive areas.


White Area

Why do we wear sunglasses in summer? Your eyes contain a delicate membrane called as conjunctiva. When this membrane gets irritated due to prolonged exposure to sun, inflammation may occur. This is the reason why using sunglasses that offer UV protection is important.


Choose Your Glasses Carefully

As most of the areas in your eyes get affected due to exposure to sunlight, it is better to protect your eyes from UV rays. Also, ensure that you choose glasses of good quality.



This is one of the reasons to wear sunglasses in summer. UV rays are one of the reasons behind cataract formation. Cataracts may also cause blindness. Wearing sunglasses may minimise the risk up to an extent.

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